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New Footscray Hospital ED


“Staff” refers to anything related to workforce, from rosters and recruitment, to communication strategies, staff satisfaction and social events.

It also includes staff safety through OHS and OVA.

Our newsletter was a great example of work in this space, as is the BOC chart, and end-of-term staff satisfaction surveys for medical staff.


“Service” refers to the systems and interfaces within the hospital and community.

Whilst this does include access and performance, it also includes our inter-disciplinary working relationships like the ED geriatrician and Care-Coordinators.

Examples of work in this space is the Green Screen Project, the Huddle poster, and the AV huddle escalation processes.


This is probably the most befuddling of the three domains, as “Standards” would seem to be at the core of everything we do.  But in order to separate things such as available space from the clinical excellence, this domain refers to the clinical components of the care we deliver.

It encompasses clinical guidelines, clinical KPIs such as STEMI, renal colic and nerve blocks, practical procedures, equipment, and outcomes from the Quality Meeting reviews.

Great examples are the intubating guidelines during COVID, and the Trauma Guideline.

These three domains interface with each other through Education and Innovation, Improvement & Research, both of which sit cross-campus to guide initiatives service wide.

New Footscray Hospital ED