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COVID High Risk Waiting Room Nurse

Primary Roles

  • Reassessment of all adult patients in the high risk waiting room with priority given to Category 3 patients and patients who have exceeded their recommended ATS wait time after triage
  • Providing comfort measures such as blankets and refreshments (as clinically appropriate)


Primary Workspace

  • Emergency Department Triage
  • High Risk Waiting Room


Quality and Safety

  • Ensures the safety of patients and the environment by conducting regular safety checks
  • Ensure appropriate Tier 3 PPE is adhered to throughout the shift
  • Ensure patients waiting in this area are wearing the correct PPE to reduce patient to patient and patient to staff viral transmission



Facilitate shift handover –

  • Triage Nurses
  • Waiting Room Nurses (between shifts)
  • ED Duty Consultant or Senior Registrar
  • Risk Screening Tool


Escalation Plan

When to escalate

  • Vital signs that exceed the Red and Orange Zone
  • Patients who present distressed or in significant discomfort following analgesia
  • Patients with an elevated BOC score at triage and are unsuitable for the High Risk Waiting Room
  • Any patient that the Waiting Room Nurse is concerned or worried about

Who to escalate to

  • Triage Nurses – first point of contact
  • Nurse In Charge/ANUM
  • ED consultant/Senior Registrar


Methods of Documentation and Reporting

  • Vital signs must be documented on the ED Adult Flow Chart to enable track and trigger of abnormal vital signs.
  • Tracking Screen – used to identify and track patients in the High Risk Waiting Room in need of reassessment after triage.
  • EDIS clinical notes – all interactions including medications and procedures to be documented in clinical notes.
  • EMR – Radiology/Bloods/Medications.


Measures of Success

  • Timely re-assessment for all patients in the waiting room within the ATS Category Timeframes
  • Cat 3 Patients seen within 30 minutes at or above 75%
  • Improved re-assessment times for all patients in the waiting Room
  • Improved Communication and better efficiency between the Waiting room Nurse and Triage Nurse/s
  • Standard process for notes in Clinical Comments & Clinical notes
  • Improved Communication and better efficiency between the Waiting Room nurse and ED Consultants/Registrars
  • Increased use of Consult room and presence in the Adult and Paediatric Waiting areas