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The Environment

Layout Description

Cubicle Numbers:

  • 36 cubicles total
  • 4 resuscitation cubicles
  • 1 Class-N Negative Pressure Room (additional to resuscitation cubicles)
  • 2 Treatment Rooms
  • 1 Eye Room

ED Cubicles:

  • Medical services panel
  • Wall mounted blood pressure sphygmomanometers
  • Bedside emergency roll down equipment

Staff Areas:

  • 2 Staff Bases
  • Beverage Bay
  • 2 Medication Rooms
  • 4 storerooms
  • 2 Medication Rooms
  • Dirty Utility Room
  • Cleaners room

Treatment rooms:

Adult Acute Assessment:

  • Used by Fast Track, Adult Acute and infectious patients
  • Plaster trap but no nitrous
  • External door allowing direct entrance to the room from the Emergency Services Bay.
  • Swipe access to internal side of the room to open the door

Triage Treatment Room (see Triage slides for mark up):

  • Used by Adult Acute
  • Eye Room


Plaster traps in the following locations:

  • Adult Acute Assessment (old EOU)
  • SSU Dirty Utility Room
  • Children’s Treatment Room

Adult Acute Teams & Streaming:

  • Green is High Risk COVID
  • Yellow Low Risk COVID

Flex cubicles: 24, 25 & 30 to accommodate overflow on either team

ND close 3 cubicles depending on demand. Ideally 1 from each team and then x1 additional

COVD Surge: use old EOU cubicles (FT Area)