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At a Glance


  • Admit via AV Triage or walk in Triage
  • Transfer from another ED Pod
  • Stream to Fast Track in hours
  • Tag as suitable for Fast Track in EDIS notes when Fast Track closed

Hours of Operation & Length of Stay

  • Open 7 days per week
  • LOS: <4hrs
  • March 2022: 0800 -2300 – Level 1 – Adult Fast Track

Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Simple injury or illness: single system
  • Triage category: 3, 4 or 5
  • Triage 2 patients with: Torsion of testes or Shoulder dislocation

Exclusion Criteria:   

  • Paediatric patients
  • Highly infectious patients requiring aerosol precautions
  • Patients requiring acute care or resuscitation
  • Patients who look “unwell”
  • Patients who require extensive work up unless there is no alternative
  • Patients weighing greater than 180kg
  • Patients requiring cardiac monitoring
  • Hemodynamically unstable
  • Suspected sepsis unless there is no alternative treatment space
  • BOC > 0 or potentially aggressive patients
  • Patients with OVA alerts
  • Patients meeting trauma call criteria
  • Acute stroke
  • Patients on spinal precautions
  • Suicidal patients
  • Patients at risk of absconding
  • Mental health presentations unless approved by ED consultant

Clinical Care

The Adult Fast Track Area will provide care for patients presenting with less serious illnesses and injuries.

Care of patients in the Fast Track Area will be provided by a multidisciplinary team who will ensure timely assessment, treatment and discharge.

Care provided in fast track:

  • Plastering
  • Nurse initiated pathology and radiology
  • Observations/vital signs:
  • Includes neurovascular, head injury & pain observations
  • On arrival to fast track on ED observation  chart (at least one set of vital signs)
  • Nursing/medical history, assessment & treatment
  • Infusions
  • Analgesia
  • Injury /wound treatment

Emergency Management/ Escalation

Medical emergency attendees:

  • FT NIC
  • Resuscitation Nurse 1
  • Bedside Nurse
  • Resuscitation Registrar


  • Bedside emergency equipment packs above bed


  • Transfer to Resuscitation Area as required
  • Code Blue and MET call if additional assistance is required

Staff Safety:

  • Code Grey: planned/unplanned
  • Portable duress


  • Discharge home
  • Inpatient admission
  • Transfer to another hospital/facility
  • Other ED clinical space
  • Day procedure unit

Discharge Process

  • Script
  • Outpatient follow up (clinic and/or GP)
  • Certificate
  • Referrals
  • Discharge Letter