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The Rapid Assessment and Discharge Unit (RADU) Opens Today – March 7 2022

March 06, 2022

RADU Goes Live!

The new Rapid Assessment and Discharge Unit (RADU) at Sunshine Hospital commences operations today. Located on Ward 2G, the 24 bed unit has been established to provide timely care for appropriate General Internal Medicine (GIM) patients. The intention of RADU is to improve patient outcomes and access, through a defined model of care (MOC) that focuses on providing the necessary clinical interventions, to achieve a safe discharge within 48 hours of hospital admission.

Patients admitted to the RADU are primarily streamed from ED, SSU or direct admission once identified as requiring a short-term admission. All patients admitted to RADU will be admitted under a GIM RADU bed card, IMSR.

RADU’s MOC utilises a multidisciplinary team to support rapid patient assessments and treatments. The team consists of;

  • Nursing Team (NIC/ANUM/RN)
  • Medical Team from within the GIM unit
  • Geriatrician
  • Allied Health – Occupational Therapist, Social Work, Physio, Speech Pathology & Nutrition
  • Pharmacy

Inclusion/Exclusion criteria: The identification of appropriate patients for RADU will be referred to the GIM Admitting Registrar, contactable on 0481 055 718. The GIM Admitting Registrar will decide whether the patient should be admitted to RADU or to another General Internal Medicine inpatient ward. When appropriate the RADU ANUM and Consultant may be included in the decision making process. The RADU ANUM have access to EDIS to assist with decision making and demand.

Inclusion criteria:

  1. Adult patients (≥18 years);
  2. Expected inpatient length of stay <48 hours;
  3. Patients with an acute presentation requiring brief intervention, such as limited further assessments, investigations, treatments and observations;
  4. Patients requiring assessment and input from Acute Medical, Aged Care and/or Allied Health;
  5. Patients requiring rapid, defined integration of readily accessible community and GP supports to manage acute illness.

Exclusion criteria:

  1. Paediatric patients (<18 years);
  2. Expected inpatient stay >48 hours;
  3. Patients requiring foot wound management as the primary reason for admission;
  4. Patients requiring acute or complex inpatient psychiatric assessment
  5. Patients with severe functional or other severe decline, not clearly attributable to a single acute disease process;
  6. Patients with ongoing haemodynamic instability requiring HDU/ICU intervention;
  7. Patients requiring telemetry;
  8. Patient requiring non-invasive ventilation;

More information can be found in the Model of Care

The RADU ward can be contacted on: 8345 4201 or 8345 1446.

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