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Patient Stories

March 21, 2021


Patient stories allow us to:

  • Reflect on patient, family or visitor experiences
  • Reflect on our role as clinicians in creating an environment that portrays Western Health values: CARES
  • Reflect on our role as clinicians in ensuring WH Patient First Mode


Patient Story 1:

I attended a WH ED on Saturday with my son who had a large laceration to the head. My husband and I were extremely upset and were attended to by Paediatrician.

She was incredibly comforting and reassuring. She listened to our concerns, made us feel validated, allowed us to participate in the care of our son (I.e. giving him medicine before cleaning the wound at our request) She cared for us as much as our son and did all she could to alleviate our concerns and make us feel better.

She has a lovely, calming manner and we couldn’t have asked for anyone nicer in caring for us in the traumatic circumstances. She could read the situation – that we were stressed and getting cross with our other boisterous son, so she took him away and gave him a special job to do (getting some paperwork off the printer) Please thank her for us and your pass on our gratitude, she really made a difference to our experience.

Patient Story 2:

My relative was brought to the Emergency Department y because he was running a temp and is in a high-risk category for infection having treatment for Multiple Myeloma and having had a bone marrow transplant.

He advised us he was placed in a waiting area for possible COVID patients and another patient in the same room said he had flu symptoms. We were very distressed by this information as he is in a category where contracting COVID would almost certainly be fatal.

I understand that patients with a raised temperature are categorised as possible COVID but in an immune suppressed patient surely, they should not be exposed to others in the same category. This makes us very uneasy about attending the hospital if this scenario arises again, which could be life threatening.

He was also given a COVID test but not provided any results before being discharged.

Patient Story 3:

Awesome service!

I brought my daughter in late on Sunday evening to the emergency room and was taken into the kids emergency room and later admitted to the children’s ward. All the staff were really friendly and helpful and we received really good care.

My daughter was particularly impressed with how approachable and caring the staff were. Thank you so much for the professional and friendly manner in which your hospital treated us.

What does it look like in practice?

ED’s are scary places this week we ask staff to watch this video from the Cleveland Clinic?