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Managing Behaviours of Concern in Western Health Emergency Departments

January 25, 2021


Western Health is committed to addressing, and reducing the incidents of occupational, violence, and aggression in our Emergency Departments.

This week we highlight some key changes to our BOC management processes:

What does this look like in practice?

New BOC Notifications

Please use the ED PA to call:

  • BOC Alert: on notification by police or AV of transfer of BOC patient
  • BOC Call: on arrival of patient with BOC

New BOC team

  • Minimum: 1 nurse, 1 doctor (reg/cons), 1 EMH, 2 security +/- police
  • Additional staff as required

New Mandatory searches

  • For ALL Section-351 patients
  • To occur in the BAR/BOC Cubicle for privacy

New BOC Chart additions

  • S for ‘sleeping’ – instead of zero
  • W for ‘worried’ – if the BOC=0 but there are still concerns … escalate as if BOC =1

Supporting Documents

Search of the Patient and Visitor – (PPG) – (QRG)

Emergency Department Behavioural Assessment Spaces – (PPG) – (QRG)

Prevention and Management of Patients with Behaviours of Concern in the Emergency Department – (PPG) – (QRG)