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ID Screening

April 12, 2021


Triage is “the sorting out and classification of patients or casualties to determine priority of need and proper place of treatment.” Triage is particularly important in order to separate patients likely to be infected with a pathogen of concern.

How do you know if your patient has an infection or requires precautions?

  • Complete ID screening tool on admission
  • EMR alerts

Using the following tool at triage helps to identify individuals how may be carrying a transmissible disease or infection, stopping the spread and protecting other patients from potential infection is paramount.

Click Here for the Infectious Diseases Risk Screening Tool


  • Any signs/symptoms related to a current outbreak/pandemic
  • An unwell returned traveller
  • Previously documented or known transmissible Infection/colonisation

Infectious screening prior to ward transfer

  • Collect Infectious screening tool from Triage nurse – if one not started at triage immediately commence on arrival in cubicle area.
  • Alerts – View & Add an Infectious alert on EMR.
  • If alert exists – write in EDIS admission notes to alert Bed manager to appropriate bed allocation and apply appropriate precautions.
  • Liaise findings with NIC if unsure.
  • Handover infectious alerts to ward staff.