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Roles and Responsibilities - SHED - Ambulance Victoria (AV)/Support Consultant

The AV/ Support Consultant is the Emergency Physician who provides clinical leadership of the Ambulance space/ AV Offload area and supports the Emergency Physician in Charge of the Acute Adult ED space. The AV Support consultant will help stream patients who arrive via Ambulance Victoria to the most appropriate area for care.

Roles Details:

  • Responsible for the AV patients and the JMS team allocated to AV corridor and AV cubicles.
  • Supports AV triage nurse in streaming patients and escalating any unwell patients.
  • Supports the EPIC through the clinical handover process.
  • Responds to Behaviours of Concern (BOC) calls while the BOC room is in cubicle 26.
  • Takes Ambulance Pre-Hospital Notification calls (BAT calls) and notifies the resus team or inpatient specialist service
  • Liaises with the Flow Coordinator and EPIC regarding patient flow, or significant clinical or staff issues.
  • When there is no Resus EP allocated, the AV/Support Consultant will by default look after resus and BAU and the affiliated teams.