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Acute Adult Cubicle Consultant - Emergency Physician in Charge (EPIC) (Ext 50091)

The role of the Emergency Physician in Charge (EPIC) is to take responsibility for the oversight of the entire Adult ED and ensures that all the team’s demand and resources are equitably resourced.

The EPIC will have an overview of the Adult acute ED and patients, and take on clinical administrative tasks to help facilitate patient care and flow.

The EPIC is responsible for the oversight of the adult acute cubicles and the Adult Acute team doctors.

Role Details:

1. ED Admitting Officer (AO)

Accepts all phone calls on ext #51599 for:

  • Pathology/Radiology results
  • Patient referrals from inpatient teams
  • Patient referrals from GPs/external health care providers

2. Patient Flow and Access

Attends/Leads ED Huddles

  • Liaises with the nursing Floor Co-ordinator (FC) re: access and patient flow
  • Liaises with Nurse In Charge (NIC) re: cubicle allocation and patient care
  • Helps facilitate patient flow through communication with Adult ED consultants, updates on bed requests and confirmation of Depart Ready status.
  • Communicates with Access Manager (AM) and After Hours Access (AHA) if an ED escalation is required- such as in times of surge or high acuity
  • Help identify patients for SSU, RADU and Transit Lounge

3. Clinical administrative tasks

  • Overseas daily roster, roll call and looks after Sick Calls and Staffing issues.
  • Takes handover of the Adult Acute cubicles at each handover.
  • The EPIC may delegate ongoing care or handovers to the junior doctors on each shift.