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Deteriorating Patient EDucation Month – Week 3

April 04, 2022

The Deteriorating Paediatric Patient

Deteriorating Patient EDucation Month continues with a focus on  The Deteriorating Paediatric Patient. This week’s topic covers the Victorian Children’s Tool for Observation and Response (ViCTOR) chart and how it is used to support the identification and management of the deteriorating Paediatric Patient.

We start this week with an introduction from Ruza Capiral, Paediatric Nurse Educator at Sunshine Hospital ED. Ruza outlines the role of the Paediatric Nurse Educators.

For more information about the ViCTOR chart click the below link and tune into Thursday’s Webinar.

Victorian Children’s Tool for Observation and Response (ViCTOR) Chart

Thursday Webinar

This week’s webinar panellists are Ruza Capiral, Tiffany Pang, Paediatric Nurse Educators along with Bindu Bali, Acting Paediatric Emergency Medicine Director from Sunshine ED.

The webinar is open to all ED staff. A Q&A segment will follow the presentation. This webinar will be recorded.

Please see the details below to join the webinar at 2:00pm this Thursday, April 7th:

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Meeting ID: 994 5484 4589

Passcode: 742152

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