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Research Project - Emergency Nurses, COVID And Its Impact At Work

Emergency Nurses, COVID And Its Impact At Work is a research project currently being conducted by the Joseph Epstein Centre for Emergency Medicine Research at Western Health, with qualitative data gathered from emergency nurses nation-wide up until March 2021. Approved by the Western Health Low Risk Ethics Panel (QA2020.106), the survey is designed to assess the impacts of COVID-19 on work life, home life and decisions on future career progression. Please see more information below:

“The impact of COVID-19 on clinical practice and greater society has been unprecedented. While there are some studies underway into impacts on frontline clinicians broadly, little has been reported about nurses’ experience of the pandemic and none (to our knowledge) is focused on emergency nursing. As front-line workers, emergency nurses are continuing to work through some of the most profound changes to clinical practices along with significant societal impacts, including extended lockdowns, familial job insecurity, remote learning, increasing home care requirements and increased mental health stress.”

The research project Emergency Nurses, COVID And Its Impact At Work focuses on emergency nurses and is being conducted by emergency clinicians. Sharon Klim is an Emergency Nurse and Nurse Researcher at Western Health, Sarah Cornish, an Emergency Clinical Nurse Educator at Western Health and Professor Anne-Maree Kelly, Emergency Physician at Western Health.

Eligibility criteria for participation in this online survey included regular work in an Emergency Department (at least one shift per month). Both Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses could participate.

This survey closed on Sunday 28th March, 2021.

By participating in this project, the voice and experiences of the emergency nurse will be heard.