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unitED Weekly Update – 10th November, 2021

November 10, 2021


COVID patient information in multiple languages


We now have COVID patient information in multiple languages – CLICK HERE to find out more

Uplift to the Advanced Practice Physiotherapy Service in ED


SHED – Ambulance Offload – WM Graduate Model of Care


WM Graduates have commenced in the Ambulance Offload role to support the timely offload of ambulance resources at the Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department. The WM Graduates will work within the high-risk, and low-risk emergency services offload areas, providing care for up to three patients each. The WM graduates will continue to work under the supervision of ED nursing and medical staff.

Please read the following QRG for full details:

QRG – SHED – Ambulance Offload – WM Graduates MOC

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the WM Graduate workforce who assisted in the successful implementation of Rapid Antigen Testing in the EDs. We look forward to supporting them with the addition of the Ambulance Offload role.


ED Approval CT Pathways


There has been a total of 220 studies ordered through the pathways since they were introduced two weeks ago. This equates to 220 less phone calls between radiology and ED! Of the 220 orders, 181 were completed successfully. A review of the 39 cancelled orders will be undertaken to look for opportunities to refine the process.

Initial feedback has been positive from both ED and radiology.

The QRG can be found here.




No nominations this week, frown!!!!

Click here to submit a nomination today! We are pushing toward 500 for the year

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