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March 08, 2021


A Riskman is used to report an incident or something that could have resulted, or did result, in unintended or unnecessary harm to a person receiving care or to a staff member or volunteer.

Incidents are reported so that they can be investigated and strategies put in place to minimise them happening again. It is also important to have a record and have data of incidents that have occurred.

The Clinical Governance Standard (Standard 1 – NSQHS) aims to ensure that there are systems in place within health service organisations to maintain and improve the reliability, safety and quality of health care.

Why is this important:

Riskman is a key tool in Western Health’s clinical governance framework.

What does this look like in practice?

The Riskman database can be found on the Western Health intranet page – under the quick-links section on the landing page.

Your Riskman login allows you to access sand enter into the database it is separate to your Western Health log in (what you use to log in to a computer). The password does not change when your Western Health log in does).

Please keep a copy of your Riskman log in and password written down. If you do forget your password, you can click the ‘Forgotten Password’ button.

Logging in:

All staff need to assign there manager – this individual should be your direct line manager.

When you login you can add a new incident by clicking on ‘new incident’ in the notifications section.

When filling out a new incident you must enter data into all the yellow fields.

Type of notification

You will need to choose the type of notification:

  • Clinical is when harm has occurred to a patient.
  • OH&S is when harm has occurred to a staff member or volunteer
  • Non-clinical/non OH&S can be about a number of things including equipment failure or building issues.

Primary incident type

Primary incident type – you will need to choose the most appropriate incident type.

If this is your first Riskman we suggest you seek support from a colleague when completing this section.

There are many options to choose from in the various windows.

By clicking the down arrows under the various headings, more drop down menus will appear.

Please note, incident types related to blood and blood products under ‘hazard and emergency’ should only be chosen for incidents related to blood transfusion, not for cuts or wounds or needlestick injuries.

If you are unsure of the appropriate choice, please discuss with your manager. You can also type a word into the search window to find out the most appropriate choice.

You can choose more than one option.

Incident assessment:

You need to provide your assessment of how the patient was harmed. Think about the actual incident that happened and how it affected the patient.

Click the ‘Set Severity’ Button and the following window will pop up.

Supporting Documents

How to enter a Riskman QRG