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Falls Management in the Emergency Department

May 23, 2021


All patients are at risk of falls due to medications & medical conditions which can lead to serious injuries.

Alignment to Western Health Best Care Framework:

Right Care & Person-Centred Care

Why is this important:

Each year, patients in Australian hospitals experience a large number of falls, which collectively cause significant harm. In 2015–16, 1,756 such falls occurred in public hospitals. 1 This equates to 4 falls causing harm per 10,000 hospitalisations in 2015–161 in Australian public hospitals.

What does this look like in practice?

  • Place patient close to the nursing station.
  • Reduce stimulus.
  • Regular personal care such as assisting with toileting.
  • Place items within reach such as call bell.
  • Patient and family education on falls prevention.
  • ACE review
  • Complete falls risk assessment on nursing chart and EMR.


Falls within the Emergency Department Quick Reference guide.


EMR Falls Risk Screen Tool


Adult Observation Chart – Risk Screening Tool