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Roles and Responsibilities - SHED - Front of House (FOH) Consultant

The role of the Front of House (FOH) consultant is to take responsibility for the Adult walk-in triage and waiting room. The consultant will work closely with the waiting room and triage nurses to oversee patients in the waiting room by providing senior support, rapid assessments and decision making to facilitate early management plans. The FOH consultant will stream patients to the most appropriate area for care.

N.B In the absence of a Fast Track (FT) consultant, the FOH consultant will also supervise the FT team.

Role Details:

The Consultant will have oversight of the waiting room patients by:

  • Early Assessment and initiation of investigation (ensure a treating doctor time is placed in EDIS so staff are aware the patient has had medical assessment), and whenever feasible formulate a management plan.
  • Works closely with waiting room nurse to review ECGs or investigation results
  • Initiates medication requirements particularly analgesia
  • Identifies patients suitable for FT, RADU, MH and SSU admission.
  • Where possible and appropriate, discharge home from the wait room.
  • Assists and supports the triage team, advises patients on risks of self-discharge and whether this is safe and reasonable.
  • Escalates to EPIC/Nurse in Charge if any deteriorating or critically unwell patients are in the waiting room in order to be moved into the main ED.