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Roles and Responsibilities - SHED - Adult Emergency Physician


The Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department (SHED) has an Adult Acute Area which is divided into two zones: High risk (green) and Low risk (yellow) cubicles.

These areas reflect the infectious risks of patients presenting to the Emergency Department (ED) in current COVID times. Each zone has a medical and nursing team, led by an ED consultant.


The ED consultant of each team has the responsibility to oversee and support the team, and the patients allocated to the respective cubicles. The ED consultant will provide leadership, senior decision making and supervision of the junior doctors. The consultants will oversee patient flow and timely care, liaise with inpatient teams and escalate issues to the Access/AHA Manager.

Role Details

ED consultant in Charge (Yellow team)

Oversight of the yellow team and yellow cubicles.

Takes handover of the Yellow Team at the commencement of each shift.

  1. Takes responsibility as the ED Admitting Officer (AO) and accepts all phone calls on ext #51599
  2. Supervises the yellow team junior doctors.
  3. Liaises with the Nurse in Charge (NIC) re patient flow and cubicle allocation, and the green ED consultant for clinical or staff issues.
  4. Communicates with the Access Manager /AHA supervisor if an ED escalation is required in times of high surge/demand or significant safety issues.
  5. Reviews the EDIS waiting room screen to initiate investigations or escalate to the NIC any patients of concern.
ED consultant in Charge (Green team)

Oversight of the Green Team and Green Cubicles.

Takes handover of from Green Team of the shift prior.

  1. Oversight of Resuscitation Bays and Negative Pressure Room cubicle 23.
  2. Assume responsibility as resus consultant if there is no fourth consultant rostered.
  3. Takes Ambulance Pre-Hospital Notification calls.
  4. Supervises the Green team junior doctors and the resus team.
  5. Liaises with the NIC and yellow consultants regarding patient flow and access.
  6. Supports the Fast track team as required.

If there is no Green Consultant- the most senior registrar on the Green team takes leadership or the Yellow Consultant oversees all Adult ED (except for SSU).

Supporting Documentation

  1. ACEM Curriculum Framework
  2. WH COVID website