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Roles and Responsibilities - SHED - Short Stay Unit (SSU) Consultant

The SSU consultant manages the admissions to SSU, the clinical care of SSU patients, and the supervision of the SSU team to maximise patient care and flow within the ED as a whole, while aiming for at least 40% discharged home by 11am and a SSU NEAT of over 70% when this is reasonable.

Role Details:

  • Takes clinical handover from the previous team, review investigation results and appropriateness of patient management and disposition planning
  • Ensures the morning SSU ultrasound lists are taken to radiology on time
  • Places referrals to ACE into EDIS consults
  • Supervise the SSU team
  • Liaises with SSU Nurse In Charge and clerks to ensure timely transfers to and from SSU
  • Identifies patients for RADU and Transit Lounge
  • Coordinates patient care with the inpatient teams including Emergency Department Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EDOG) doctor and ensure they are aware of any allocated patients
  • Reviews patients within the appropriate timeframes
  • Takes responsibility of SSU admissions as per SSU MOC and handover process.
  • Regularly monitors the wait rooms and ED on EDIS for potential SSU patients
  • Notifies clerks of any SSU bed moves to ensure the ward clerk updates iPM which will update the bedside electronic bed cards of the patient details.