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SHED KIDS Education Resources




The information on this page is relevant to Sunshine’s Children’s Emergency Staff only and is not intended for the general public.



Quality Improvement


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Paed ED Educational Resources

General Educational Resources

Advanced Paediatric Life Support: courses and algorithms for paediatric resuscitation and life support

AMH Children’s Dosing Companion (free access via WH Library portal) (intranet)

Austin Toxicology Guidelines

Burns (Victoria Adult Burns Service); RCH Burns CPG

DermNet NZ is the world’s free resource and authority on all things skin

Don’t Forget The Bubbles: now the most accessed paediatric resource on the internet. You’ll be working with one of it’s founders at SHED KIDS!

Life In The Fastlane: a critical care resource library, more focused on adult medicine but with may relevant resources

Monash Drug Doses

RCH Clinical Practice Guidelines: these CPGs aim to be the standard of practice of paediatrics in Victoria


Local Educational Resources 

OzEmedicine : a wikipedia dedicated to Emergency medicine, created and maintained by Dr Gary Ayton, Director of Emergency medicine at Sunshine. Local content and links.

@kriesed :  our Paediatric Emergency Director A/P David Krieser has his own Twitter, used exclusively for medical education. If you are sensible, it is an incredibly powerful tool!

PEMedu : This website is set up and maintained by our local paediatric emergency specialists currently working in Victoria to share educational resources with educators involved in paediatric emergency education.

JK Paeds Hub : This website is set up and maintained by Dr Brendan McCann & Dr Ary Sudarmana from JK Paeds team, with great range of clinical resources.

New to Paediatric Emergency Medicine?

New to Paediatric Emergency Medicine? Make sure you take the time to go through these resources


Mental Health Assessment in ED

These are 4 short teaching sessions on mental health assessment in ED, provided by Sunshine Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services (CAPS).

  1. General Approach
  2. Acute Risk Assessment 
  3. Case Synthesis 
  4. Chronic Risk 

COVID Related Guidelines



"Learning In The Loo" Series




Trauma-Informed Practice Tips

Hi All,
In 2022 I am planning to send around some weekly Trauma-Informed practice tips to build our knowledge around:

– What is trauma
– How do we recognise it?
– How we can support patients presenting with trauma histories?

Please feel free to share if you have colleagues you think may be interested.

Anne Ingram (She/Her)
SWIFT Advanced Practice Social Worker, Children’s Emergency Department

Tip #1: What is Trauma
Tip #2: Trauma and the Body
Tip#3: Trauma and the Developing Brain
Tip#4: Relationships and Trauma
Tip#5: Intersectionality and Trauma

Words Matter -Trauma-Sensitive Language With Children