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Roles and Responsibilities - SHED - Paediatric Consultant In Charge (PCIC)

The Paediatric Consultant In Charge (PCIC) Role and Responsibilities include overseeing and supporting the Paediatric team, and the patients allocated to the respective cubicles/area.

The PCIC consultant will provide leadership, senior decision making and supervision of the Junior Medical Staff (JMS). The consultants will oversee patient flow and timely care, liaise with inpatient teams and escalate issues to the Access/AHA Manager.

  1. Paediatric ED Admitting Officer (AO)
  • Accept all phone calls on 0466 795 158
  • Pathology results check (look-up missed results and folder of results follow-up)
  • Patient referrals from other WH EDs / GPs / external health care providers
  • Plan for ambulance arrivals
  1. Patient Flow and Access
  • Attend ED huddles
  • Assign paediatric medical teams to Resuscitation team (when required) and Front of House team (11-23)
  • Appropriate medical handover when required re patients in cubicles and those in WR with medical staff in charge and Paediatric Code Nurse (PCN)/Nurse In Charge (NIC)
  • Liaise with PCN or NIC re: cubicle allocation and patient care
  • Help facilitate patient flow through communication with Paediatric medical team, update on bed requests and confirmation of Depart Ready status
  • Communicate with Access Manager (AM) and After Hours Access (AHA) if an ED escalation is required e.g., patient surge or high acuity
  1. Clinical Administrative Tasks
  • Oversee daily roster, manage sick calls and staffing issues
  1. Clinical Supervision Tasks
  • Responsible for and provision of supervision of Junior Medical Staff
  • Liaison with consultation teams to ED, with escalation if required
  • Identification of high acuity patients to provide timely and appropriate supervision and care. Liaison with appropriate subspecialities if required or high acuity retrieval team
  • Provide expert high level supervision for all paediatric acute presentations as requested by medical or nursing staff
  1. Clinical Education Tasks
  • Support clinical workplace-based assessments for JMS were appropriate
  • Support staff to attend in-situ simulation where workflow permits
  • Support staff to attend scheduled teaching