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Sunshine ED Children's Emergency

Welcome to Sunshine Children’s Emergency



The information on this page is relevant to Sunshine’s Children’s Emergency Staff only, and is not intended for the general public.


Educational Resources

Quality and Research

        At A Glance        How We Work      The Environment

Staff Noticeboard

Departmental Update

FIRST Net is here

Common QRG link here

Please refer to SLACK “Shedkids-noticeboard” channel

Western Health Sustainability Plan 2020-2025


Thank you everyone from SHED KIDS  for your hard work!

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Staff Social Event

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Guidelines, Referrals, and Policies

Departmental Guidelines, Policies

How We Do Things at Sunshine 

Other Paediatric related policies can be found here (intranet)



Referring to Specialties 

  • PIPER Go Now Criteria link here
  • JK Children’s OPD Referral Information link here
  • After hour Plastic Referral link here
  • Fracture Clinic Referral Guideline link here
  • Paediatric trauma Guideline link here

Click here for other speciality referral information

New Social Worker Referral Process here

Referring to Community Eczema/ HARP program click here

Referring to SHED KIDS Review Clinic (F2F, Virtual) 

More information click here
(Virtual review currently on hold due to staffing and high ED demand)

Commonly Used Forms and External Radiology Access

Commonly Used Forms:



  • External Radiology Access: link here
  • MRI: What MRI can GP order? link here

Kids Info, Discharge resources and patient handout


RCH Kids Health Info and Videos (including RCH kids heath info, common procedures, asthma videos, crutches videos)

RWH Health FactSheet (breast feeding information can be found here for new parents)

The Sydney Children’s Hospital factsheet (with great range of translated factsheet)

24 hours Pharmacy in Melbourne

Health Translation Fact Sheet (different languages) 

Community Services for Parents


ASCIA Action Plan 

Eczema bath formula RCH

Home intro of new allergenic food RCH and Allergy Action Plan link here

DHS anaphylaxis notification link here


Asthma/ Wheeze Discharge Information and Action plan

Action Plan

  • Wheeze Action Plan (Children’s Health Queensland Hospital) link here
  • Asthma Action Plan (RCH) link here 

Education Resources

  • Asthma Education Videos (including how to use spacer and caring for spacer) link here
  • RCH Kids Factsheet – Asthma (including different languages) link here


SHED KIDS Education

What's New?

Medical Team

What’s New?

Welcome to the new year!

For this new year, we will be introducing “The Law Sessions” with our Nurse Practitioner Ian 🙂
When: Mon/Tues/Thu/Friday 3 – 3:30pm
Who: JMS on am/ pm shifts are welcome (clinical workload dependant, please liaise with day/swing consultants)
Topics: Xray, fractures, dynacast, suturing, wound and burns management etc…


Other Updates for the Month 

Recording from previous teaching sessions can be found here


Commonly Used Link


  • 2023 WED SHED KIDS ED Teaching Program: link here
  • Fri JK Gen Paed Teaching Program: link here
  • Interesting Imaging for Radiology Meeting? link here to enter details
  • Feedback and post-teaching survey: link here
  • “Learning passport” sample here

Teaching Links

Sunshine Zoom teaching link here
Zoom ID : “913 2568 9928”
Password: 964570

M&M Meeting Zoom link:
“947 206 609 52”
Passcode: 278624

Radiology Meeting Zoom link:
“963 141 550 76”
Passcode: 398724

MMC Open Session Meeting link here:

Click here to join the meeting
Zoom ID: “897 3755 3819”
Passcode: –

RCH Open Session Meeting link here:

Click here to join the meeting
Join on the web here using Meeting ID: “444 707 778 976”  Passcode: U4Uyiw

​(if you join in from non-RCH account, please select “join as a guest” and you will be “admitted” to the meeting)

(Please ensure you have an account set up and download the teams program/ app prior)
App download Link
Need to set up an account? click here 
(if you don’t have an RCH account, please ensure you use a personal/”non-hospital” email to set up)

Wed Teaching Program

2023 Reg Teaching Program

Here is a snapshot of the Reg Teaching Program for the month

Recording from previous teaching sessions (if presenter consented for recordings) can be found here

09 Aug 2023
(Zoom or F2F)

Teaching Consultant: David
Teaching Reg:

1030-1100 Director’s Welcome
Teaching Structure Orientation -Review
Research Update

1110-1145 Send for help then what
1145-1200 Break
1200-1230 Radiology Meeting
1230-1330 M&M
1330-1400 Discharge advise/ SHED KIDS referral

16 Aug 2023

Teaching Consultant: Ilse/ Eric (NP)
Teaching Reg:

1100-1400 Plastering/ suturing/ glue/ wound care
1200-1230 Radiology (+lunch)

23 Aug 2023

Teaching Consultant: Alan

Airway day Paed/ adult

Staffs, Phone numbers, Roster

Roster and Supervisor List


Contact numbers

  • Commonly used number and extensions HERE (Oct 2021)



DK’s Orientation to SHED KIDS slides (Feb 2023) here

When to call SHED KIDS ED Consultant overnight? link here

Our Orientation Handbook is available here (last update Aug 2023)


Consultant Virtual Office: link here

SHED KIDS Education Virtual Office: link here

ED Culture

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

What is inclusion, diversity and equity?

Whilst our EDs provide care to everyone, some of our patients experience barriers to them accessing emergency care. These can include past experiences as well as physical barriers. We want our EDs to be accessible to everyone. This may mean providing accommodations; however we aim to identify ways to remove barriers making the ED equally accessible to all.


WIDE-ED Working Group 

WIDE-ED working group has representation from all our EDs, including medical, nursing, allied health, and clerical staff, as well as consumers. This newsletter will highlight some important ways to improve the care of those coming to the ED.



Click on the first new letter for information re:

  • Wilim Berrbang
  • Disability Liasion Services
  • Interpreter Services

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