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At a Glance

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Friday 0800 – 1630hrs
  • After Hours Pharmacist available via After Hours Access (AHA) Coordinator

Service Delivery

Hospital pharmacists ensure the safe and effective use of medicines by:

  • Carrying out medication reconciliation on admissions and during changes in the level of care.
  • Working in multidisciplinary teams with other health professionals such as doctors and Nurses to advise on prescribing and address medicines-related problems.
  • Dispensing medicines.
  • Conducting medication chart reviews, therapeutic drug monitoring and managing adverse drug reactions to ensure medicines work as required.
  • Providing comprehensive counselling to patients when they leave the hospital, to ensure patients leave with their medicines, plan to aid the transition back into the community.
  • Undertaking and contributing to hospital-wide governance activities through medication safety and quality use of medicine activities, e.g. drug use evaluations, stewardship programs for high-risk medicines.


  • After hours cupboard located in the main ED Medication Room
  • Medication storage bags and process
  • Medication fridge monitoring and response to alarms
  • Medication refrigerator monitoring chart (paper based)
  • Allergy management: EMR (source of truth/gold standard), identification bands, EDIS clinical notes, ED Adult Flow Chart
  • All new Medication Rooms have two safes: one for schedule 8 & one for schedule 11 drugs. Double swipe access to open
  • Order and supply process for medications required by clinicians and not available in ED

Emergency Management

  • Resuscitation trolley medication storage
  • ALS transport packs
  • Emergency intubation packs in main ED medication room
  • Code brown medications stored in the second adult acute medication room


  • RiskMan:
    • Adverse drug reactions
    • Medication errors
    • Near miss
    • Anaphylaxis: DHHS reporting
    • Safe Script


Discharge Process

  • Script is usually filled external
  • Complex scripts filled by Western Health in hours
  • Complex scripts reviewed by ED Pharmacy


March 2021

  • 1x Clinical pharmacist and/or senior pharmacist 0800 – 1630

Monday to Friday

  • Lead pharmacist 0.2 EFT management

After Hours

  • A Pharmacist is available after hours via the After Hours Access (AHA) Coordinator