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At a Glance

Hours of Operation

  • EMH clinicians 24/7 – 365
  • Psychiatrist and Registrar Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
  • AOD Weekdays – Clinician and Registrar AM shift. PM shift
  • AOD clinician only until 8pm
  • AOD Weekends – AOD clinician AM shift

Service Delivery

Specialist MHAOD services for patients presenting:

  • Post an episode, or at risk of an episode of serious self-harm or harm to others, ideation or behaviour.
  • With acute psychotic symptoms (e.g. patients presenting with command, derogatory hallucinations)
  • With acute agitation due to antisocial behavior, psychosis intellectual impairment and/or acquired brain injury
  • Presenting with alcohol and/or other drug related issues including acute intoxication/acute withdrawal
  • On an Assessment Order


  • MH & AOD assessment
  • Treatment and discharge planning
  • Pharmacotherapy consultation
  • Referrals to next pathway
  • Mental Health Act (MHA) documentation

Emergency Management

  • BOC room response in accordance with BOC procedure
  • Code calls for MHAOD patients in accordance with ED pod and emergency procedures


  • RiskMan:
    • Code calls
    • Mechanical restraint
  • DHHS reporting
  • Secondary/Additional Diagnosis on EDIS


  • Admission to an Inpatient Mental Health Unit.
  • Discharge home for follow up in the community.

Discharge Process

  • Script/s
  • Outpatient follow up if discharged home
  • Discharge summary
  • Referrals
  • Discharge Letter


AM shift

  • 2 EMH clinician
  • 1 Psychiatrist
  • 1  Registrar
  • 1  AOD clinician (weekdays)
  • 0.7 AOD Registrar (weekdays only)
  • 0.6 AOD clinician (weekends)

PM shift

  • 2  EMH clinician
  • 1  AOD clinician (weekdays only – until 8pm)

After Hours (ND shift)

  • 2  EMH clinician