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Roles and Responsibilities - SHED - Sonographer


The Medical Imaging team members work in partnership with other workforce groups to facilitate best care for ED patients. Sonographers provide clinical expertise for diagnostic imaging utilising Ultrasound. This is a quick reference guide, for further information please refer to supporting documentation listed below.



Sonographers are health care professionals who produce and interpret ultrasound images to aid diagnosis and patient care.


Role Details

  1. Produce imaging to aid diagnosis and patient care
  2. Create a positive working environment by fostering teamwork and collaboration
  3. Practice in accordance with ASUM, ASA, and ASAR guidelines
  4. Demonstrate Western Health Medical Imaging CARES values, and ensure valid consent at every patient interaction
  5. Operate within current scope of practice and competency/ credentialing level at all times
  6. Support training and credentialing of other health care professionals in Diagnostic Ultrasound


Supporting Documentation