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At a Glance


  • Triage
  • Acute Adult Area
  • Children’s Area
  • Resuscitation Area
  • Short Stay Unit

Hours of Operation & Length of Stay

24 hours/7 days

Inclusion Criteria


General X-Ray Room – Genral radiography



No exclusion criteria (OPG located in main radiology department)

Clinical Care

General x-ray services

Emergency Management & Escalation

Medical emergency respondees:

  • Attending radiographer
  • ED NIC
  • Resus Nurse 1
  • Escorting nurse
  • Resus Registrar


Emergency call equipment:

  • Bedside emergency roll down equipment in cubicle



  • Transfer to Resuscitation area as required
  • Code Blue and MET call if additional assistance is required


Staff Safety:

  • Code grey
  • Personal duress


  • Adult Acute Area
  • Children”s Area
  • SSU
  • Triage
  • Internal hospital transfer


  • Radiographer – 24/7. If not present, may be contacted via DECT phone
  • Medical Imaging Assistant (TBC)