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Roles and Responsibilities - SHED - Behavioural Assessment Room (BAR) Nurse


The BAR nurse is responsible for the management and cares of patients transferred to the Behaviour Assessment Room in collaboration with EMH, Medical team and ANUM.

Primary Role

  • The primary responsibility of the BAR nurse will be providing bedside care to BAR patients

Secondary Roles

  • Administering medication as requested by medical team
  • Performing simple procedures such as wound dressing/venepuncture
  • Documenting care, assessments and observations as per the Mental Health Act 2014.
  • Escalation of deteriorating patients
  • Liaise with security staff to ensure the safety of staff and patients within the BAU
  • Provide compassionate and effective communication to patients and carers
  • De-escalation of behaviours of concern in conjunction with multi disciplinary team

Primary Workspace

  • Behaviour Assessment Rooms
  • Behaviour Assessment Unit
  • Emergency Department

Quality and Safety

  • Ensures the safety of patients and the environment by conducting regular safety checks
  • Ensure all patients departing ED to the ward have modified criteria in place (if applicable)
  • Infections precautions are considered and documented for all admissions
  • Any behavioural high risk patients are identified prior to departure


  • Resus/Mental Health ANUM/NIC
  • ED Nurse In Charge
  • Floor Coordinator
  • BAU Consultant
  • ED Nurse Unit Manager
  • Access Manager
  • EMH
  • WH Bed Coordinator
  • ED Operations Manager
  • Inpatient psychiatric wards (AMARU, SAAPU etc)
  • Mental Health Clinical Nurse Educator
  • Mental Health Clinical Nurse Navigator

Escalation Plan

  • Resus/Mental health ANUM/NIC
  • BAU consultant
  • EMH

Methods of Documentation and Reporting

  • Adult ED Flow Chart
  • Mental health Act paperwork – incl. mechanical restraint observation chart
  • EDIS
  • EMR

Measures Of Success

  • Patients successfully deescalated within the BAR for no longer than 30 mins
  • Timely transfer to appropriate cubicle space after de-escalation e.g. BAU cubicle, RESUS cubicle, main department cubicle
  • All patients meet compliance under the Mental Health Act for the use of mechanical restraints