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Roles and Responsibilities - SHED - Adult Fast Track Nurse


The Adult Fast Track Nurse provides care to all patients within the Adult Fast Track (FT) Area and will work collaboratively with the FT doctor to provide care to ambulant, non-complex (single system problem) patients.

The primary responsibility of the FT nurse will be to assist the FT doctor in early identification of patients appropriate for FT management and will be responsible for the assessment and treatment of non-complex patients. The FT nurse will be responsible for administering medication and for performing simple procedures and is required to escalate issues or concerns to the Nurse In-Charge (NIC).


The SHED NUM, SHED Director, SHED Educators are responsible for ensuring that all staff within the department are aware of the role of the Fast Track Nurse.

Role Details

  1. Receive handover from previous shift nurse, check and re-stock equipment required for the shift.
  2. The Fast Track Nurse primary responsibility will be the management of patients deemed appropriate for minor medical treatment within the Adult Fast Track Area.
  3. In conjunction with the FT doctor, review the waiting room patient list, identify suitable patients for treatment in the FT area (as per inclusion criteria), and escort patients into the FT area when allocated.
  4. Assess and monitor patients within the FT area and provide safe and patient centred care.
  5. Perform basic nursing procedures such as venepuncture or wound dressings and administer medications such as analgesia or antibiotics as prescribed by the Doctor.
  6. Complete appropriate documentation of all nursing care and treatment on the relevant platform (EMR, EDIS, Adult Emergency Observation chart -WHAD51.2a).
  7. Assist the FT doctor in procedures when required.
  8. Escalate concerns regarding complex patients or deteriorating patients to both the NIC and the FT doctor and advocate for their transfer out of a FT cubicle to an alternate clinical area based on patient need.
  9. Have a sound understanding of the FT inclusion criteria.
  10. Liaise with the medical and allied health teams to promote timely discharge and identify barriers to discharge early.

Supporting Documentation