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Roles and Responsibilities - SHED - ANUM Floor Coordinator

Primary Roles

The role of the Floor Coordinator is to provide leadership, guidance and oversight of the entire Adult and Paediatric Emergency Services Department – ED Main, AV Triage, SSU, Paediatric, Fast Track (FT), Resus as well as the BAU & The Hub.  The FC will work with the ANUM/NIC and the Consultant/Senior Registrar of each area to provide clinical and operational leadership, and is the central contact person for all initial escalations relating to access, quality & safety or environmental issues.

The FC is the liaison with the Access Manager or After-Hours Co-Ordinator for access and flow. The FC will take responsibility of the department’s oversight to ensure the provision of emergency care services is timely, efficient and safe.

Secondary Roles

  • Ensure the ANUM’s/NIC of each area is supported to deploy resources and utilise capacity to enable timely, efficient and safe care.
  • Co-chair the floor huddles with the Medical Officer In Charge (MOIC)
  • Work collaboratively with the Access Unit, Nursing Workforce Unit, After Hours Administrator to ensure an all-inclusive approach to access is considered and access KPIs are achieved
  • Work together with the senior leadership team in particular the Quality, Safety & clinical Improvement ANUM to meet departmental objectives and key performance indicators
  • Work with AV Triage to achieve AV Offload within 40 minutes
  • Ensure each area ANUM/NIC is managing:
    • efficient patient flow within each respective pod
    • Appropriate skill mix
    • patient NEAT within 4/24 to SSU in collaboration with SSU ANUM
    • Patient discharge NEAT within 4/24 from FT
    • Paediatric patients seen and discharged within 4/24 in collaboration with the Paediatric ANUM
  • Escalate and assist in the management of any issues that will impact the efficiency and safety of the Emergency Department.
  • Zero tolerance for any 24 hour breaches within the department, taking steps to expedite safe and timely transfer of patients out of the department with strict adherence to the 24 hour escalation protocol.

Primary Workspace

  • ED Administration Area
  • ED Department
  • Children’s Pod
  • SSU Pod
  • FT Pod
  • Resus Pod
  • AV Triage
  • Front of House Triage & waiting rooms
  • BAU & the Hub

Quality and Safety

  • Ensures the Safety of patients and the environment by conducting regular safety checks
  • Ensure all patients departing ED to the ward have modified criteria in place (if applicable)
  • Infections precautions are considered and documented for all admissions
  • Any high risk patients are identified prior to departure (high risk of pressure injuries, falls risk, behavioural specials)


  • Quality, Safety & clinical Improvement ANUM
  • ED (Green) ANUM & Consultant
  • ED (Yellow) ANUM & Consultant
  • ED Duty Consultant or Senior Registrar
  • Fast Track ANUM & Consultant
  • Paediatric ANUM & Consultant
  • Resus & BAU ANUM & Consultant
  • ED Nurse Unit Manager
  • Access Manager
  • WH Bed Coordinator
  • ED Operations Manager

Escalation Plan

Facilitate the management and escalation of any issues that impact on the efficient operations of the Emergency Department via consultation and liaison with:

  • Internal: Access, Bed Co-ordinators, Quality, Safety & clinical Improvement ANUM; SHED/SSU NUM’s, SHED ANUM’s & Consultants, Ward ANUM’s, Operations Manager ED
  • External: Ambulance Victoria, Victoria Police & EMH

Methods of Documentation and Reporting

  • EDIS Clinical Notes – All interactions and interventions, including reassessment with vital signs must be recorded in EDIS notes.
  • All communication – including delays to access and changes to patient status documented in ‘Bed Request Comments’
  • Text messages via the Floor Coordinator mobile phone

Measures of Success

  • Zero tolerance for any 24 hour total length of stay breaches within the Emergency Department (this excludes admitted patient in the Short Stay Unit)
  • Achieve a 65% NEAT total for the department
  • Achieve an 80% AV Offload Stretcher time within 40 minutes of arrival
  • All patients depart the ED with COVID screening tools completed and/or Interim Orders or Admission notes documented
  • Improved access and flow to ensure Best Care is delivered which directly correlates with an improved patient experience and journey