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Roles and Responsibilities - Emergency Department ANUM - Workforce

Primary Roles

The Workforce ANUM is an integral part of the leadership team for Sunshine Emergency Department.

The Workforce ANUM works under the guidance and in collaboration with the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) to coordinate the Nursing workforce across the department to ensure the operational effectiveness and to achieve the stated objectives of best care.

Secondary Roles

  • Effectively manage, monitor and respond to shared email address to ensure timely action of staff requests
  • Develop fair and well-balanced rosters to ensure the department is resourced sufficiently and appropriately skill mixed to provide effective and efficient safe, timely care
  • Ensuring rosters are released at least six weeks in advance to meet the Nursing EBA requirements
  • Completing the roster audit tool each fortnight for approval prior to releasing the rosters to ensure sufficient coverage for each shift (ensuring the relevant leaders are engaged).
  • Lead and manage internal and external recruitment for all Nursing workforce roles, including establishing recruitment requests, interviewing and the onboarding process
  • Lead ongoing workforce activities such as staff absenteeism, variations and resignations
  • Liaise with the Nursing and Midwifery Workforce (NMWU) for supplementary and bank staffing requirements of the unit in a timely manner to minimise shift deficits
  • Work collaboratively with the NUM to facilitate workforce goals
  • Conduct data analysis to inform workforce initiatives and planning
  • Ensuring all leave requirements and entitlements are entered into RosterOn correctly prior to pay locking the roster
  • Managing all leave requirements of staff, ensuring a balance between the business needs and staff wellbeing and requests. Ensuring the correct documentation and processes are followed. Liaising with NUM’s for leave approval and managing excess annual leave.

Primary Workspace

  • ED Administration Area
  • Emergency Department

Quality and Safety

  • Ensures the safety of patients, staff and the environment by conducting regular safety checks.
  • Ensure the roster is staffed for the needs of the department
  • Ensure roster meets the requirements of the Nursing EBA


  • Director of Emergency Medicine
  • Director of Paediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Divisional Director
  • Director of Operations, Emergency, Medicine and Access
  • ED Nurse Unit Manager
  • Short Stay Nurse Unit Manager
  • ED Operations Manager
  • People and Culture
  • ANUMs/Nurse In Charge
  • NMWU
  • Pay Roll
  • Pay Help
  • Emergency Educators

Escalation Plan

  • People and Culture
  • Nurse Unit Manager
  • SSU Nurse Unit Manager
  • EMA Business Partners
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Nursing

Methods of Documentation and Reporting

  • Roster ON
  • HEWS
  • EFT Spreadsheet
  • E recruit
  • Tier 3 ED Leadership Meetings – held weekly
  • Roster Audit Tool
  • SHED Roster email

Measures of Success

  • Roster completed and out to staff within the correct time frame as per EBA
  • Minimal roster vacancies on processed roster
  • Fully recruited to each role
  • EFT spreadsheet up to date with correct EFT total
  • Excess annual leave within target
  • Excess ADOs within target