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SHED Weekly Update – 29th September, 2021

September 29, 2021

New Resuscitation Area open for business!

Your New Resuscitation Area was opened today at a little before 0800 and was alive with hustle and bustle as we welcomed the first patients in.

All four cubicles have now been put to the test as the resuscitation area successfully offloaded ambulance arrivals and received patients of all presentations.

A big thank you to everyone who helped make today a success – your ongoing hard work and ability to adapt to change is truly remarkable and greatly appreciated by your SHED Leadership Team.

The Old Resuscitation Area is currently undergoing a deep clean and will remain closed until further advised.

Please continue to use the issues log to record any concerns or suggestions for improvement you may have whilst working in this space.

Please click here to read the memorandum released yesterday by our Acting Chief Executive, Natasha Toohey.


You Said, We Did

Please see the most recent responses to flagged concerns below:

  1. The Triage doors have now been equipped with auto-open function to assist staff and patient movement from Triage into the Main Department
  2. New safety features now added to negative flow doors in New Resuscitation and Children’s Area to prevent finger trapping
  3. Further familiarisation of intercom system required for use in Resuscitation Cubicle 3 – QRG in development
  4. Support Tools created to guide staff in the use of external AV access to Resuscitation Cubicle 3 – please see External AV Access QRG below
  5. Rod and retracted cord provided for overhead ceiling hoists in Resuscitation Area to mitigate potential ligature risk
  6. Fire extinguisher relocated from central Resuscitation Area due to OVA risk. Whilst the Resuscitation Area complies with fire safety standards without a fire extinguisher, your project team will go above what is required to ensure your safety and a new location is currently being determined.
  7. Conversion of staff toilet to patient toilet to provide access for ambulant patients in Resuscitation Area. There are now 3 staff toilets and one patient toilet in the main corridor outside of the resuscitation/BAU area. This has been closely monitored since conversion to ensure adequate staff access remains available.



QRG Corner

External AV Access QRG

Resuscitation Area Pendants QRG

Use of Adult Acute Assessment Treatment Room, Negative Air Flow and Negative Pressure Rooms QRG

Decontamination Shower Process QRG



Know a deserving individual? Click here to submit a nomination today!



– Be safe – be smart – be kind, the unitED Team –

– To review previous issues of the Weekly Update, please see here. – 


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