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Reopening of Short Stay Units – Monday 28th February

February 24, 2022

The Short Stay Units at Footscray and Sunshine are reopening on Monday 28th February.


We are excited to announce the reopening of our Short Stay Units at Footscray and Sunshine!


The low acuity area will return to an SSU – open to 24 beds


3A SSU will reopen – initially open to 12 beds

‘Blue side’ will close and return to an AV holding area


The Short Stay Units at both sites will now be able to accommodate COVID positive patients.

Screening and room allocation

All patients must have a RAT completed prior to admission to the SSU. Positive COVID PCR or RAT positive patients will be allocated to the following rooms:

  • At Sunshine SSU these patients can be co-horted in double rooms (Bed 17-24).
  • At Footscray SSU (3A) patients will be allocated to a single room or co-horted in a double room.

Infection prevention principles:

Strict adherence to the following infection protocols will be vital to keeping our staff and patients safe:

  1. Prioritisation of single rooms for COVID/RAT positive patients or cohorted in a double room with McMonty hood
  2. Air purifiers in each room, switched on and set at highest setting at all times
  3. All doors to remain closed where safe to do so (including offices)
  4. N95 and eye protection at all times
  5. Additional PPE for direct patient care
    • Don gowns in corridor
    • Don/put on gloves in patient rooms before patient contact
    • Doff gowns and gloves prior to exiting patient rooms

Short Stay Unit Clinical Guidelines

For more information about Short Stay Unit guidelines and pathways please clink on the link here


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for adapting to the rapid changes made in response to the Code Brown. We appreciate the incredible efforts of our teams in continuing to provide Best Care during a very difficult time.

As we move towards ‘business as usual’ we look forward to the exciting improvements ahead including the newly opened Fast Track at SHED and New Footscray Hospital.

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