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RADU – Admission Criteria

April 26, 2022

RADU Admission Criteria 26th April 2022

The Rapid Assessment and Discharge Unit (RADU) is an inpatient ward that aims to provide timely access to care for patients, and to support safe discharge within 48 hours of hospital admission. The RADU ensures that appropriate supports and resources are available 7 days a week to enable rapid patient assessments and treatment.  Utilising a ward-based multidisciplinary approach, the team will promptly identify and treat acute medical issues while planning for a safe and timely discharge.

The Rapid Assessment and Discharge Unit Model of Care (MOC) Guideline outlines the key purpose, structure and processes for the unit.

Inclusions (all of the following):

  1. Adult patients (≥18 years) where length of stay likely to be less than 48 hrs.
  2. Patients with an acute presentation requiring brief intervention, such as limited further assessments, investigations, treatments and observations;
  3. Patients requiring assessment and input from Acute Medical, Aged Care and/or Allied Health;
  4. Patients requiring rapid, defined integration of readily accessible community and GP supports to manage acute illness.


  1. Paediatric patients (<18 years);
  2. Patients requiring foot wound management as the primary reason for admission;
  3. Patients requiring acute or complex inpatient psychiatric assessment
  4. Patients with severe functional or other severe decline, not clearly attributable to a single acute disease process;
  5. Patients with ongoing haemodynamic instability requiring HDU/ICU intervention;
  6. Patients requiring telemetry;
  7. Patient requiring non-invasive ventilation;
  8. Suspected surgical or other condition potentially requiring procedural intervention which cannot be arranged within 48 hours;
  9. Not receiving active ongoing management of other specialty teams for the primary presenting problem.

Basically any patients who is suitable for an admission under general med or acute aged care should be considered for RADU unless they meet one of the exclusion criteria.

INCLUDES: Vertigo, anaemia for blood transfusion, unstable hypertension, cellulitis, pyelonephritis, back pain where unlikely to need neurosurgical transfer, mild CCF.

RADU REG PHONE:  0481 055 718 After 10pm page med reg on 5026

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