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Resuscitation Area Pendants- SHED

This document is a summarised version of the use of pendants in the SHED Resuscitation Area. The summary has been created to support staff during the Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment transition and early post-move period, and has been endorsed by the ED Leadership Team.



This QRG provides an overview of the application and use of the vertical column type pendants in the new Resuscitation Area of SHED, with the intent to assist with providing information about safe and correct use.



This QRG is applicable to all clinical staff working within the SHED Resuscitation Area.



It is the responsibility of the Nurse Unit Managers, Directors and Deputy Directors of the Emergency Department to ensure the relevant staff are familiar with this QRG and are aware of the correct and safe usage of the pendants.


Guideline/Process Details

Each resuscitation cubicle has 2 pendants mounted on the ceiling with an upper and lower arm which move to optimise positioning of the pendant.

The pendants have been equipped with:

  • Oxygen
  • Medical Air
  • Nitrous and scavenger
  • Suction
  • IV pole
  • Monitoring
  • Emergency and nurse call buttons
  • Power outlets
  • Controls for the pendant arms
  • Switch to control height of the pendant

Figure 1: The Resuscitation Area Pendants

The black buttons control the pendant arms. The left button controls bottom arm while the right button controls the top arm.

To move the pendant, grab handles and press the buttons with thumbs and gently move the pendant to the desired location.

Please ensure when moving the pendant to check line and cable clearance.

Located on the same side as the arm control buttons is the emergency call button in RED and the nurse call button in GREEN. On the left pendant, there will be a call bell installed with a handset.

Figure 2: Pendant Controls

There is a gas panel located on both pendants, each with 5 outlets

  • 2X Oxygen
  • 1X Medical Air
  • 2X Suction


The oxygen outlets can accommodate either oxygen flow meters or the ventilator as required.

Figure 3: Oxygen, Medical Air and Suction (Right Pendant)

In addition, the nitrous and scavenger outlets are located on the L) pendant and can be utilised when needed.

Figure 4: Nitrous and Scavenger (Left Pendant)


Figure 5: Power Outlets and Data Ports

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Document Governance

Title: Resuscitation Area Pendants- SHED
Version: 1.0
Date Published: August, 2021
Date of scheduled review: 01/07/2022
Author:  Approver: 
Sarah Gutterson/ Fiona Pazsa SHED Leadership Team
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