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Pneumatic Tube System- SHED

This document provides a summary of best practice in relation to the pneumatic tube system at SHED. The summary has been created to support staff during the Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment transition and early post-move period, and has been endorsed by the SHED Leadership Team.


This QRG aims to provide staff with an understanding of the SHED pneumatic tube system (PTS), including PTS station locations within the department and instructions on safe use of the system.


This QRG is applicable to all staff using the PTS within the SHED.


It is the responsibility of the SHED Nurse Unit Managers and Directors of Emergency Medicine to ensure nursing and medical staff are familiar with this QRG and are proficient in use of the PTS.

Guideline/Process Details:

PTS overview and locations within the SHED

The SHED PTS is 110mm to match the existing PTS. Stations are located in the following locations:

  • Ground Floor – Acute Adult Area (existing station outside of Adult Acute Medication room)
  • Ground Floor – Children’s Area (staff base)
  • Ground Floor – Short Stay Unit (adjacent to staff base)
  • Ground Floor – New Resuscitation Area

All receiving stations are locked, with access available via swipe card proxy reader (refer to image). Authorised staff can unlock and access the PTS receiving cupboard door to retrieve canisters using their WH swipe card.

Image 1: Pneumatic Tube System

Image 2: Pneumatic Tube System close up

Pathology specimens that may be transported via PTS

  • Blood tubes
  • Blood culture bottles
  • Other bodily fluids/samples
  • Swabs

For all specimens being sent:

  • Specimens must be placed in a biohazard bag and ensure the zip-lock closure is sealed

Check both canister ends are firmly clicked and locked closed once specimen is placed inside

If a canister appears broken or damaged, is unable to be closed securely, or if the velcro around the canister is loose or damaged it must not be used. Staff are to remove the canister from service and log a work order via BEIMs.

Pathology specimens that must be hand delivered to Pathology

  • Bulky items weighing over 1kg
  • Any specimens not secured in a leak proof specimen container
  • Specimens such as cerebrospinal fluid, where agitation can affect the result
  • Specimens in formalin due to the OHS risk associated with leakage

Instructions for use

The new PTS station keypad and operating instructions are identical to the keypad and operating instructions on existing PTS stations. As per current PTS stations, written operating instructions will be available on the front panel of all new PTS stations.


Any faults or problems with the PTS should be reported to WH Engineering as soon as possible on 8345 0383 or and log a work order via BEIMs on the Western Health Intranet, Department: Engineering Services.

Issues requiring immediate rectification can be escalated by calling a ‘Code Yellow’ (dial 444).

Supporting Documentation:

Document Governance

Title: Pneumatic Tube System- SHED
Version: 2.0
Date Published: June, 2021
Date of scheduled review: 01/12/2021
Author: Approver:
SHED Leadership Team SHED Leadership Team
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