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Ordering of Patient Meals in the SHED - Short Stay Unit

This document provides a summary of best practice in relation to ordering patient meals in the SHED Short Stay Unit. The summary has been created to support staff during the Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment transition and early post-move period, and has been endorsed by the ED Leadership Team.



All patients admitted to Western Health require a diet order to receive a meal.



This QRG is applicable to all staff working in the SHED.



The Nurse Unit Manager is responsible for the implementation of this process within the SHED – SSU.

Guideline/Process Details

For patients to receive a safe & appropriate meal Food Services require information from iPM & EMR. The Electronic Food & Nutrition System (CBORD) interfaces with iPM & EMR in real time so information is always up-to-date.

1) Patient Details received from iPM

  • Name
  • UR number
  • Location: Ward & Bed number


2) Allergy Order

  • All allergies from EMR are mapped to a range of allergy diets.
  • Allergies should be ‘marked as reviewed’ on each presentation & admission, to ensure this information is correct & up-to-date
  • The Allergy order is independent of the diet order and will restrict foods containing the allergen for any diet even if this is not included as part of the diet order

3) Diet Order

  • EMR is the single source of truth of all diet orders
  • Diet orders are entered by clinical staff in EMR. Refer to the Digital Health QRG Clinical Care-Diet Orders
  • At less one diet modifier needs to be included
  • Maximum of six modifiers can be used.

For example if a patient with diabetes requires a Smooth Puree diet and Mildly thick fluids you would enter THREE modifiers – Smooth Puree, Mildly Thick Fluids AND diabetic

  • If any of the diet modifiers used includes NIL BY MOUTH, no food will be sent
  • A diet order will enable Food Services to print a tray ticket to guide the selection of meal items safest for the individual
  • Individual hot meals will not be provided without a diet order

Entry of diet orders as soon as possible will ensure patients receive a correct & timely meal at the next meal service. A MaP 2.0 dashboard for Diet Orders & Modifiers can be used to identify patients with diet orders in each ward http://whsbi2as01:81/sites/bi/MaP/Pages/Home.aspx

A default meal will be sent which matches the patients. The SSU PSA will be responsible for distributing the correct meal to each patient, by a three-point ID check

Times to Know:

Cut off times for meal orders
Time of Delivery
7.00am 7.30am
11.15am 12.00 midday
16.15pm 17.00 pm


When you should phone food services ext 61413

  • Patient reports an UNCOMMON allergy with a severe reaction
  • You need a hot meal for a patient admitted after the meal cut-off time. You will still be required to add a diet order to ensure a safe & appropriate meal for the patient is plated.


Supporting Documentation

OP-RS5 – Ordering and Provision of Meals to Admitted Patients

QRG – EMR Clinical Diet Order


Document Governance

Title: Ordering of Patient Meals in the SHED – Short Stay Unit
Version: 1.0
Date Published: February, 2021
Date of scheduled review: February, 2022
Author:  Approver: 
SHED Leadership Team SHED Leadership Team