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Lockdown Processes- SHED

This document is a summarised version of OP-RS5-Site Emergency Lockdown Procedures. The summary has been created to be Emergency Department specific, and has been endorsed by the ED Leadership Team. Staff should review the PPG if they require further information.


This QRG aims to provide staff an overview of the actions required to facilitate an effective and efficient emergency lockdown in identified SHED areas.


This QRG applies to all staff working within the SHED, security staff, site emergency management and response teams.


The Operations Manager Emergency Medicine, SHED Directors and Deputy Directors of Emergency Medicine, and SHED Nurse Unit Managers have responsibility for ensuring that all ED staff are aware of SHED lockdown processes and procedures, and are informed of their obligations in the event of a lockdown.

The Security Manager is to ensure that all Security Officers are aware of the SHED lockdown process and are able to efficiently and effectively conduct a lockdown.

Guideline/Process Details:

Who can activate an ED lockdown?

If an emergency situation is developing internal or external to the SHED triage area or the BAU area, where there is an immediate danger to the safety of persons, any trained staff member may activate an ED initial lockdown in order to preserve safety to self and others where the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The Incident Commander is not immediately available, AND
  • The situation is an emergency situation

Security is to be contacted (if not in attendance) for assistance or a Code Grey/ Black called on extension 2222.

The Incident Commander is to be notified as soon as possible to be briefed on the situation and to authorise continuation of lockdown if required.

Note: Swipe access to electronic card readers, including lifts, is not disabled to authorised card holders during a lockdown. This ensures emergency response personnel are not held up and emergency response teams can access the area as required.

Lock down features

  1. Triage:

Internal and external lockdown buttons are located at the adult end of the triage staff base and in the security office. The lockdown buttons are push to activate and twist to reset. The lockdown will need to be deactivated from the panel the lockdown was initiated from.

Activation of lock down buttons automatically pages the security response team, informing that an ED triage internal/ external lockdown has been activated and providing the  location it was activated from (SH triage or SHED security office).

Lockdown door locations

Appendix 1 indicates the location and functionality of SHED Ground Floor internal and external lockdown doors. There is a secondary emergency egress door located within the adult wait room which can be release remotely from the Adult Triage Staff Base and the Security Office.

The purpose of this emergency egress is to evacuate persons in the adult wait room, when required, in the event of a triage internal lockdown activation.

  1. Behavioural Assessment Unit (BAU) ‘BAR’ rooms

A lockdown button is situated in the BAU corridor entry between the two BAR rooms. The lockdown button is push to activate and key/ twist to reset. Security have a key to reset this lockdown button.

The intent of this lockdown is to contain a person in the specific BAU area in the event a situation escalates outside of the control of the staff members assessing the patient; and the patient absconds from the BAR rooms.

This lockdown mitigates the risk of the patient absconding into the main hospital or the main emergency department.

Note: All Emergency Department (ED) staff have swipe access into the BAU main entry to be able to retreat to safety in the event of a BAR lockdown.

Activation of lock down buttons automatically pages the security response team, informing that an ED BAR lockdown has been activated

Lockdown door locations

Appendix 2 indicates the location and functionality of SHED BAR lockdown doors and equipment.

Lockdown LED Signs

“LOCKDOWN IN PROGRESS” LED signs are situated above access doors into this area which alert local staff intending to enter the area when a lockdown has been activated. These LED signs are automatically activated when the lockdown button is engaged. An LED sign is also installed on Level 1 – ICU Lift 18 lobby to alert staff of lockdown in progress.

Lift 18

In the event of a lockdown, ICU lift 18 will be programmed to return to level 1 and hold on level 1 with the doors open until the situation is resolved and lockdown is stood down.

Supporting Documentation:
OP-RS5 Site Emergency Lockdown Procedures

Appendix 1: SHED Ground Floor internal and external lockdown door locations and functionality

Appendix 2 – SHED Ground Floor BAR lockdown door locations and functionality

Document Governance

Title: Lockdown Processes- SHED
Version: 3.0
Date Published: June, 2022
Date of scheduled review: 01/06/2023
Author: Approver:
Danielle Meier SHED Leadership Team
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