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Food Services - SHED

This document is a summarised version of OP-PS7.1.3-Management of Food for all Patients with Food Allergies and Severe Adverse Food Reactions & OP-GC5-Food Handling. The summary has been created to combine best practice information into one document specific to the Emergency Department, and has been endorsed by the ED Leadership Team. Staff should review these PPG’s if they require further information.


This QRG highlights the pantry and beverage bay locations within the Ground Floor of the SHED and outlines the food services processes for breakfast, lunch and dinner within the SHED.


This QRG is applicable to all SHED, Food Services staff and PSA staff.


The Operations Manager Food Services, Food Services Manager and SHED Nurse Unit Managers are responsible for introducing and implementing the food services processes within the SHED.

Guideline/Process Details:

Please note that an alternative hot meal can be ordered for patients in acute pods for patients where sandwiches are not suitable for example patients requiring texture modified meals, patients with food allergies or those patients with extended stays (24hrs).  The FirstNet ED diet order will be completed. This is followed by completion of the ‘hot meal order form’  where the patient name, UR number,  diet order, food allergies are documented. The NIC will email this filled out form to the food services supervisors/coordinators on an as-required basis.

Figures 1 -2

Figure 1: Pantry and beverage bay locations



For SSU, Food services will prepare a meal using a tray ticket to match the patient’s diet requirements.

Supporting Documentation:

Document Governance

Title: Food Services – SHED
Version: 3.0
Date Published: June, 2022
Date of scheduled review: 01/09/2025
Author: SHED Leadership Team Approver: SHED Leadership Team
Reviewed: Ian Law Date: 22/08/23