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Sunshine Environmental Services Department ED Team Structure

This document provides a summary of best practice in relation to SHED Environmental Services Team Structure. The summary has been created to support staff during the Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment transition and early post-move period, and has been endorsed by the SHED Leadership Team and Sunshine Environmental Services Management.


This QRG provides guidance on the Environmental Services Department (ESD) Team Leader and team member’s role and responsibilities with the introduction of the team leader role and new ESD structure in Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department (SHED).


This QRG applies to SHED and provides a framework to enable consistency and standardisation of the new ESD team structure and roles and responsibilities within.


It is the responsibility of the SHED Leadership Team to ensure all relevant staff are appropriately orientated and educated to the content of this QRG and their respective responsibilities.

Guideline/Process Details

The ESD ED Team Leader:

Shift times:

  • 06:30-1500
  • 1430-2300
  • 2230-0700
  • Direct reports to the ESD site supervisor and the NIC/ NUM Sunshine ED.
  • Directly liaises with all stakeholders within the department and coordinates all task delegations to PSA/ cleaning team members in addition to ensuring all day duties are completed as per dedicated work schedules.
  • Is responsibility for ensuring effective communication with all PSA’s and cleaners rostered within the Sunshine Emergency Department
  • Attends all daily ED huddles and communicate to the ED clinical team any issues that may affect the running of the department. In turn at the conclusion of the huddles the team leader must also communicate back to the PSA/ cleaning team anything that would help them pro-active manage the demands for the day.
  • Is able to reallocate PSA/ Cleaner team members to any other area based on task demands.
  • Completes all cleaning audits within the department (including UV / Infectious audits)
  • Undertakes handover to on-coming team leader (30 minute double staffing time)

The PSA/cleaning team members

  • Direct reports to the ESD ED Team leader
  • Are required to follow direction from the team leader
  • Are required to complete daily duties as per work schedule for assigned team and base area.
  • Are to ensure communication is provide to the team leader when assigned tasks are completed.
  • At the commencement of each shift the ESD ED team leader will
  • Assign each rostered PSA/ Cleaner a “team” and area at the beginning of shift based on their roster allocation.
  • Provide each PSA/ Cleaner a team badge that must be visibly displayed throughout the duration of their shift.
  • Ensure phone and pager for each PSA/ cleaner is in good working order.
  • Ensure 2 way radio is turned on (low volume where applicable) , on correct channel and the PSA/ Cleaner is trained in use for communication of the 2 way radios (Channel 4)

The ESD ED Team leader will assign the rostered team members in the following areas – detailed as per Roster On descriptions for roles:


Team Papa 1 x PSA (06.30-15.00)

ED/ Adult PSA

1 x PSA (06.30-15.00)

ED/ Acute PSA

1 x PSA (08.00-14.30)

ED/ Acute PSA 1

1x PSA (12.00-2030)

ED/ Adult PSA

Team Sierra 1 x PSA (06.30-15.00).

ED Triage Rover

1 x PSA (06.30-15.00).

ED SSU/ Food

1 x PSA (06.30-15.00).

ED Children’s

Team Alpha 1 X PSA (06.30-14.00).

ED/ Adult PSA

1 x psa (15.30-22.00).

Cleaner (all non-clinical areas) (06.30-15.00)


Team Papa 1x PSA (AM until 2030)

ED/ Adult PSA

1 x PSA (14.30-2300).

ED/Acute PSA

1 x PSA (14.30-2300).

ED/Acute PSA

1 x PSA (14:30-2100)

ED/ Acute PSA 2

Team Sierra 1 x PSA (14.30-2300).

Ed Child/ Food

1 x PSA (14.30-2300).

ED/ SSU Food

Team Alpha ED/ Adult PSA

1 x PSA (18.30-0300).22.30-0700

ED/ Resus Rover

Cleaner – all non-clinical areas (1430-2300)


Team Papa 1 x PSA (2300-0700)

ED/ Acute PSA

Team Sierra 1 x PSA (2300-0700)

ED/ Acute PSA

Team Alpha 1 x PSA (2300-0700)


Cleaner all non-clinical areas – includes floor care (2230-0700)






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Document Governance

Title: Sunshine Environmental Services Department ED Team Structure
Version: 2.0
Date Published: June, 2022
Date of scheduled review: 01/06/23
Author: Danielle Meier Approver: SHED Leadership Team