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Communication Changes in SHED

This document is a summarised version of Clinical Handover QRG, Paths Of Travel QRG and Duress Alarms in SHED QRG. The summary has been created to combine best practice information into one document specific to the Emergency Department, and has been endorsed by the ED Leadership Team. Staff should review the supporting QRG’s if they require further information.


This QRG provides an overview of communication areas of change within the SHED.


This QRG will apply to all staff that work in SHED, including staff members that visit SHED.


The responsibility of this QRG will sit with the leadership team of SHED, including all workforces, where they will educate and update staff with these changes.

Guideline/Process Details:

On the 10th of March 2021 the SHED Expansion was officially opened. Comprised of many different clinical and staffing areas, SHED now has a larger floor area and a larger ED staff team across all disciplines. To assist staff allocation, communication and efficiency, ED Status and other tools have been established. Effective and efficient communication is key to patient flow and safety.

Overview of how we communicate in the SHED
Tools we use to communicate V1


Communication screens around the SHED



ED Status – Allocations Board
  • All staff bases – ceiling mounted and inward facing
  • Desk top application icon on Login screen
  • Resuscitation Area
  • Digital Imaging Suite
Handover screens
  • All workrooms – Ceiling mounted inward facing
Ambulance Victoria (AV) arrivals boards
  • Children’s Area staff base
  • Short Stay Unit staff base
  • Resuscitation Area
  • Triage staff base
  • Emergency Services Triage
Down Time Viewers
  • Triage
  • Children’s Area
  • Short Stay Unit
  • Fast Track
  • BAU
Second Screen


  • Children’s Area
  • Short Stay Unit
  • Triage staff base
  • Resuscitation Area

Patient information screens


  • Triage Adult and Children’s Wait Room
  • Queuing zone


  • All new areas in SHED will have new phone extensions for both landlines and new DECT phones.
  • SHED phone number will be available on ED Status under ‘allocations/phones’ tab.
Image 1: Example SHED Desktop Phones
ED Status

ED Status is a computer program that allows us to:

  • View which staff are allocated to specific areas and roles and their contact numbers
  • Run historical reports

ED Status is located on TV screens around the SHED for ease of access. When accessing ED Status allocation/phone tab you can tick the ‘Auto-scrolling’ box for the list to auto-scroll the staff allocations and phone numbers. All disciplines will have access to this board and will be able to check and update contact numbers as required.

The Nurse In Charge (NIC) will have the responsibility of updating the board with nursing shift allocations and phone numbers, nursing staff are not to update independently. Allocations are date stored and can be printed using the print button. In case of an outage the pods would revert to the use of a small whiteboard and a book.

ED Real Time Dashboard

ED site specific overview
ED Real time dashboard is an application in FirstNet that measures various metrics of the ED


PA System

PA’s in the SHED
  • Located at all staff bases.
  • Resuscitation Area
  • Includes whole ED and individual POD channels
Image 2: PA system
Image 3: PA system close up


The unitED microsite is designed to deliver news and updates on a semi-regular basis, coupled with a weekly update email across all campuses and targeted email updates as required. The microsite aims to improve communication practices and encourage staff collaboration. Specific goals of the unitED microsite are as follows:

  1. Create a single source of trusted and accurate communication material.
  2. Promote staff support activities, creating a forum for peer to peer encouragement and recognition.
  3. Create a central source of simplified information that details clinical and operational best practice in our emergency departments.

The unitED microsite contains content including:

  • recognisED program
  • quality Education
  • General and specific information from each campus ED
  • researchED
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • News and Updates

unitED microsite

recognisED Nomination program designed to encourage and represent peer-peer recognition within the Western Health ED’s.

Nominations can be submitted against a framework of selected traits gathered from a group survey conducted within the ED’s

An email is sent out at the end of each month highlighting the individual nomination to the nominee, and appropriate line managers and divisional manager


quality EDucation

quality EDucation is designed to assist staff to have easy access to simple education material about the Quality and Safety priorities of the departments. These priorities are aligned to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

The quality EDucation page also strives to list the latest in upcoming educational events, both internal and external.


General and specific information from each campus ED

Each campus is broken down into easily readable information regarding roles and responsibilities of team members, pathways of travel, and map layouts. Associated policies and procedures are also outlined here for viewing ease.


Western Health ED has a proud track record of research and innovation and is considered a world leader. In this section you will find some of the latest research projects involving the Western Health Emergency Departments.

Quick Reference Guides

Quick reference guides have been developed to support ED specific policies, procedures and guidelines, and cover a whole range of topics. A regular review of the QRG’s is encouraged as they are regular reviewed and updated as information changes.

News and Updates

The News and Updates section regularly reports on the latest happenings across Western Health ED.


unitED whiteboard

Supporting Documentation:

Document Governance

Title: Communication Changes in SHED
Version: 3.0
Date Published: June, 2022
Date of scheduled review: June 2025
Author: Shed Leadership Team Approver: Shed Leadership Team
Reviewed: 7/6/23 Reviewed by: Ian Law
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