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Code Pink - SHED

This document is a summarised version of OP-GC4- Code Pink (Obstetric Emergency) and QRG No. 135-iPM-Patient Registration-Baby Born in Emergency . The summary has been created to combine best practice information into one document specific to the Emergency Department, and has been endorsed by the ED Leadership Team and Maternity Leadership Team. Staff should review the full documents if they require further information.


This QRG aims to provide an overview of the indications and actions required for activation of a Code Pink (Obstetric Emergency) within the SHED. It also highlights the process and importance of completing iPM registration for a baby where birth within the SHED, or prior to arrival, is imminent.


This QRG is applicable to all clinical and clerical staff working within the SHED.


It is the responsibility of the Nurse Unit Managers, Directors and Deputy Directors of the Emergency Department, and the Emergency Department Clerical Manager to ensure the relevant SHED staff are familiar with this QRG, that it is implemented according to the guidelines as outlined within, and that there is compliance by all staff members.

Guideline/Process Details

Triage location for pregnant women

If a pregnant woman appears in obvious discomfort upon arrival, consideration should be made to undertake the triage process in a Triage Assessment Room to afford the woman with appropriate privacy.

Code Pink indications

  • Imminent birth within the SHED
  • Deteriorating obstetric patient requiring immediate obstetric review
  • Ante-partum haemorrhage (APH) or post-partum haemorrhage (PPH)
  • Cord prolapse
  • Eclampsia (Code Pink and potential MET Call or Maternal Code Blue activation)

If a woman presents to the SHED who is evidently pregnant or ≥20 week’s gestation requiring airway support, is unresponsive, in cardiac or respiratory arrest, a Maternal Code Blue should be called.

Code Pink activation process

  • Dial: 444
  • State: ‘Code Pink’
  • State: campus (Sunshine), building (Emergency Department), and exact location (including level, pod/area, cubicle number and treating team)

Code Pink Response Team

Compulsory Responders Additional Staff Notified
·         Obstetric Registrar ·         Home units
·         Joan Kirner Anaesthetic Registrar ·         Midwife in Charge
·         Clinical Response and Support Midwife (CRSM) ·         Local midwives
·         Patient Support Assistant ·         Neonatology Registrar


Code Pink Response Team Member roles and responsibilities are detailed in OP-GC4- Code Pink (Obstetric Emergency).

iPM registration of babies born in the SHED

All women booked to give birth at Sunshine Hospital will, at 36 weeks gestation, have their unborn baby pre-registered (baby’s own UR number generated with a generic DOB 01/01/1990, gender unknown) which is linked to the mother. If a woman gives birth in the SHED, or if birth appears imminent on arrival, clerical staff must follow the below to ensure the baby is registered on iPM:



Full visual step by step instructions for baby registration can be found on the Intranet (QRG No. 135 iPM – Patient Registration – Baby Born in Emergency).

Supporting Documents

  1. OP-GC4- Code Pink (Obstetric Emergency)
  2. QRG No. 135 iPM – Patient Registration – Baby Born in Emergency

Document Governance

Title: Code Pink – SHED
Version: 1.0
Date Published: February, 2021
Date of scheduled review: 01/02/2022
Author: Approver:
SHED Leadership Team SHED Leadership Team