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Best Care Framework in the Emergency Department

This document is a summarised version of P-GC7-Best Care and Live Best Care Framework (Western Health). The summary has been created to combine best practice information into one document specific to the Emergency Department, and has been endorsed by the ED Leadership Team. Staff should review the policy and microsite if they require further information.


The aim of this QRG is to provide Emergency staff with the knowledge and understanding of the Best Care Framework in relation to ED.



This QRG applies to all presentations to the Emergency Department.



It is the responsibility of the Nurse Unit Managers and Directors of the Emergency Departments of each site to ensure the relevant staff are familiar with this QRG, that it is implemented according to the guidelines as outlined within, and that there is compliance by all staff members.


Guideline Details

What does this look like in Practice?

Western Health’s is that each of our patients receives ‘Best Care’ with us, every time. This means that we work together and in partnership with our patients to achieve the following outcomes for every patient:

Person-centred Care – “I am seen & treated as a person”

Involves seeing the person in the patient and providing care that is welcoming, respectful and designed to engage patients in care decisions and management of care.

Co-ordinated Care – “I receive help, treatment & information when I need it & in a co-ordinated way”.

Involves providing prompt access to patient services, with a smooth patient journey that is designed to optimise time to care through efficient service provision.

Right Care – “I received care that makes me feel better”

Involves appropriate, equitable and effective care for each person

Safe Care – “I feel safe”

Involves the design and delivery of care and services to minimise the risk of patient harm

Best Care Governance

A number of quality systems support the governance of Best Care.

These systems are grouped under five headings – Leadership, Process, Workforce, Improvement and as the central point ‘Patient First’.

Supporting Documents & Links:

  1. Best Care
  2. Live Best Care Framework

Document Governance


Title: Best Care Framework in the Emergency Department
Version: 1.0
Date Published: February, 2021
Date of scheduled review: 01/02/2022
Author:  Approver: 
Bradley Van Ooi ED Leadership Team
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