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Alert & Allergy surveillance in the Emergency Department

This document is a summarised version of OP-GC6-Medication Prescription, Supply, Storage and Administration, OP-IM1.1.2-Documentation of Patient Allergies and Alerts, Anaphylaxis Notifications (Department of Health and Human Services August, 2018), and Riskman (Western Health Services). The summary has been created to combine best practice information into one document specific to the Emergency Department, and has been endorsed by the ED Leadership Team. Staff should review the full documents if they require further information.


The aim of this QRG is to support staff to identify and manage patients who come to the Emergency Department with alert and allergy surveillance.

What does this look like in practice?

  • Identify if your patient has any allergies to medications
  • Identify if your patient has any alerts
  • Document Allergies and Alerts, in FirstNet
  • Notify NIC and Treating Doctor

How to Document on FirstNet

Allergies_Sensitivities-Adding-an-Allergy-or-Sensitivity.pdf (

Allergies-View-Modify-Cancel.pdf (

Documentation-–-Diagnosis-Problems-Alerts.pdf (



Anaphylaxis Notification

All anaphylaxis reactions when the cause of the allergic reaction may be (mislabeled) packaged food or mishandling please report it to the Food Safety Unit (Anaphylaxis Notifications – Victoria State Government)

  • Anaphylaxis due to mislabelled packaged food must be reported within 24hrs.
  • Anaphylaxis due to unknown source must be reported within 5 days.

Riskman incident must be completed for all new drug and food allergens.

What is an incident? Staff responsibility What happens next?
An Incident is an event or circumstance that could have or did lead to unintended or unnecessary harm to a consumer, staff member or member of the public Promptly respond to any incidents and hazards that come to your attention.

Promptly report any incidents and hazards to your manager and via RiskMan.

All incidents will be investigated to ensure the Adverse Outcome/Hazard/Feedback contributes to quality improvement to provide quality care for our patients along with a safe environment for all who enter our facilities.

Supporting Documentation

Document Governance 

Title: Alert & Allergy surveillance in the Emergency Department
Version: 1.0
Date Published: February, 2021
Date of scheduled review: 01/09/2025
Author: Ainslie Senz Approver: ED Leadership Team
Reviewed by: Ian Law Date:  21/08/2023