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Administration in the SHED

This document provides a summary of best practice in relation to Administration in the SHED. The summary has been created to support staff during the Sunshine Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment transition and early post-move period, and has been endorsed by the ED Leadership Team.


This QRG provides an overview of the SHED Administration Area, located on Level Two. The Administration Area is a collaborative, multidisciplinary hub that includes offices, workspaces, meeting rooms, education and training spaces, and staff amenities and is accessible to all SHED staff.


This QRG is applicable to all staff working in the SHED.


The Divisional Director Emergency, Medicine and Access, and the Operations Manager Emergency Services are responsible for allocation and operational oversight of the SHED Administration Area.


Figure 1: Level 2 Administration Floor Plan

Guideline/Process Details:

Office and Workspace Facilities

The Administration Area contains the following office and workspace facilities:

·    Admin arrivals office (two person) ·    Single person office x3
·    Two person office x3 ·    Open plan workstations x22
·    Consultant workstations x10 ·    Photocopy room


Office and workstation allocation will be approved and communicated by the divisional leadership team in accordance with the Western Health (WH) Workspace Allocation and Management Procedure.

Shared Workstation Principles:

There are a total of 32 workstations in the SHED shared administration space – ten of these workstations have been allocated as consultant workstations. When sharing workstations, all staff should be conscious of their colleagues, observing the following:

  • All workstations will have Perspex partitions. All staff are asked to ensure workstations are kept neat tidy and cleaned with disinfectant wipes post use
  • Under bench storage units are provided for each workstation. Staff who work permanent non-clinical hours will be assigned a unit. For all other staff the units should be used temporarily and no personal items to be stored in these units
  • As the shared workstations are an open plan design staff are asked to ensure noise is kept to a minimum and meeting rooms are booked for all Zoom meetings

Meeting and Education Facilities

The Administration Area contains the following meeting and education facilities:

·    Meeting room x3 ·    Interview room
·    Simulation room ·    Clinical education room

Videoconferencing facilities are available in all meeting rooms, the Education room and the Simulation room. All meeting rooms, the Education Room and the Simulation Room will also have booking screens outside each room.

Meeting rooms will be bookable online via the WH Virtual Event Management System (EMS), access via the WH Intranet. As per Western Health procedure all Western Health staff will be able to book these meeting rooms using network login and password. The Education room and The Simulation Room will also be bookable via this system however these rooms will only be visible for SHED staff to book.

Staff Amenities

The Administration Area contains the following staff amenities:

·    Female toilets, ensuite and lockers ·    Male toilets, ensuite and lockers
·    Accessible toilet with baby change ·    Staff lounge with kitchen, dining and lounge


There are a total of 320 shift lockers located within the Administration Area. The locker rooms are located in the staff locker rooms adjacent to the male and female toilet and there are also a small amount of unisex lockers in the corridor outside the staff amenities.

Staff are expected to ensure their valuables are stored in lockers and not at workstations or in clinical spaces.

Lockers are communal facilities that are not assigned to individual staff members and can be accessed by all staff working.

Security have a master swipe card that can unlock lockers and clear the pin codes if required.


  • Press power
  • Enter your own four digit pin code
  • Press key lock button


  • Press power
  • Enter your own four digit pin code
  • Press key unlock button

Image 1: Locker


Supporting Documentation:


Document Governance

Title: Administration in the SHED
Version: 1.0
Date Published: February, 2021
Date of scheduled review: 01/08/2021
Author:  Approver: 
Bradley Van Ooi SHED Leadership Team