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Theme of the week

August 16, 2021

Grand Round - Clinical Handover

A consistent, systematic approach to clinical handover can improve patient outcomes. Click here to see the processes involved with this at Western Health.


August 09, 2021

Grand Round - Intravenous Cannulation in our ED

This week we take a look at one of the most common procedures completed within the Emergency Department. Click here to review the most up to date practice guidelines on this procedure.

August 02, 2021

Grand Round - Patient Identification, Communicating for Safety

Accurate and consistent patient identification at every point of care is essential in ensuring patient safety. Please read here how we manage this in our ED's and update on current practice.

July 26, 2021

Paediatric Fracture Management in the ED

Paediatric fractures are a frequent presentation to SHED, with over 200 patients per month presenting with a fracture. Timely assessment for this type of injury in the Emergency Department can help to prevent significant long-term morbidity.

July 19, 2021

Capillary Blood Ketone Testing in Diabetes Mellitus in our ED

Capillary blood ketone testing aims to detect the presence of ketones in the blood. We are changing our practice to ensure that all patient who have a potential diagnosis of DKA or starvation ketosis will be identified.

June 27, 2021


This week we discuss keeping our patients safe with the presciption and administration of APINCH medications

June 21, 2021

Pharmacological Management of Acute Behavioural Disturbance

This week on Quality EDucation we review the use of the Behavioural Assessment Chart and general precautions around the most commonly used medications in the pharmacological management of acute behavioural disturbance

June 15, 2021

Pathology Ordering

The results of a recent audit and an increase in clinical incidents related to Pathology Ordering, have us focusing on Pathology Ordering this week.

June 07, 2021

Medication Rights

Nursing education delivers the standardised model of ‘five rights’ or ‘five R’s’ of medication administration - we discuss this in depth in this week's Theme of the Week.


May 23, 2021

Falls Management in the Emergency Department

Patient falls are a significant contributor to the number of hospital acquired complications. The screening process for falls risk is a very important part of the Emergency care we provide.

May 17, 2021


Did you know approximately 10% to 18% of Australians aged 65 years or older have delirium at the time of admission to hospital, and a further 2% to 8% develop delirium during their hospital stay?

Weekly Update

May 10, 2021

Skin Assessment and Pressure Injuries

Comprehensive patient care involves the assessment of the skin & risk of pressure injuries on arrival to the Emergency Department.

May 03, 2021

End of Life Care and Advanced Care Planning

Best practice End of Life Care is very achievable even in the busy and hectic environments of our Emergency Departments.

April 25, 2021

Cleaning of Patient Equipment

As shared patient equipment can act as a “vehicle by which infectious agents are transferred between patients,” it is important that proper care and cleaning of equipment is adhered to.

April 18, 2021

Standard and Transmission Based Precautions

The use of infection control procedures and policies along with frequent hand hygiene measures, ANTT/sterile techniques and keeping the healthcare environment and equipment clean has been effective in reducing the prevalence of health care associated infections.

April 12, 2021

ID Screening

This week's TOTW focusses on using the ID screening tool at triage helps to identify individuals how may be carrying a transmissible disease or infection. This will stop the spread and protect other patients from potential infection.

April 05, 2021

Preventing & Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infection

Many healthcare-associated infections are thought to be preventable. Successful infection prevention and control practice requires a variety of strategies across the healthcare system. Find out some easy to apply tips in this week's TOTW!

March 29, 2021

Think Sepsis, Act Fast

With F ED's recent Choosing Wisely Award win, we look back to the last time we took on a big project related to infection prevention and management.

March 21, 2021

Patient Stories

This week we highlight three de-identified patient stories. patient stories provide us with the opportunity to reflect on our practice and discuss any opportunities for improvement.

March 14, 2021

Closing the Gap

What does Closing the Gap mean to you and your role in the department?

March 08, 2021


Riskman is an important tool of Western Health's governance framework. Riskman is database used for logging issues (risks) or incidents. Each entry automatically alerts staff in management or clinical leadership positions to the lodged issue/incident. Issues and incidents are reviewed and Riskman trends are reported in divisional quality and safety meetings.

March 01, 2021

Best Care Framework

The WH Best Care Framework underpins all of the work we do, do you know the four domains of the framework?

February 22, 2021

Discharge to the Community

The activity and actions that must be taken to ensure a patient is safely discharged to the community.

February 14, 2021

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Documentation

Documentation in our EDs can be complex, as we use multiple systems. This week we focus on clinical documentation in the EMR.

February 07, 2021

Emergency Department to Ward Handover

Clinical handover of a patient in the Emergency Department to an inpatient Ward occurs on average between 70 and 100 times per day at Western Health. This weeks TOTW focuses on the process of ED to Ward handover.

January 27, 2021

ISBAR - Communicating for Safety

ISBAR - provides a structured system for the sharing of clinical information at handover, or during the transfer of professional responsibility.

January 25, 2021

Managing Behaviours of Concern in Western Health Emergency Departments

We have made some changes to our processes for managing patients who display Behaviours of Concern in our Emergency Departments.

January 18, 2021

Emergency Department Adult Observation Chart Changes

Our Adult Observation Chart is changing on 1 February - this theme of the week, provides staff an update on what is changing and how the changes will improve our practice