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Mental Health and AOD Education Month – Week 3, Video 3

February 16, 2022

Continuing Week 3 on the topic of Best Practice Mental Health Care in ED, today we have another short video presentation for you.

In this video, Daiv Lown, Emergency Physician at Sunshine, discusses Medical Reviews and Patient Discharge, with reference to new Guidelines for enhanced clinical practice, and the Medical Transfer Form (AD 57.4 Acute Mental Health Admission – Safe Medical Transfer list).

A reminder that from this week, for a trial period, we ask that all patient transfers from ED to Mental Health Inpatient Units have the Medical Transfer From completed. Please keep the original and send a photocopy with the patient’s file.

Let the ED Leadership Team know if you have questions.

Access the MHAOD Education and Support page for any information you may have missed this week.

– Be safe – be smart – be kind, the unitED Team –

– To review previous News bulletins, please see here. – 

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