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Mental Health and AOD Education Month – Week 2

February 07, 2022

Mental Health and AOD Education Month – Week 2

Continuing our five week program of promotion, education and training, this week our topic is the Use of Restrictive Interventions.

Throughout an episode of restraint use, all staff have particular clinical and administrative responsibilities that are important to understand to maintain appropriate patient care. In addition, Western Health is committed to minimising the use of mechanical restraints, and getting these steps right can help mitigate the duration of restraint use.

Please take a moment to view this short video presentation from Dr Gary Ayton, Director of ED at Sunshine Hospital, with an overview of mechanical restraint use as this applies in our Emergency Departments.

Please click this link to access the video.

Staff References

In relation to the Use of Restrictive Interventions, ED Leadership would like to direct your attention to these tools and resources:

This procedure applies to mechanical restraint use across all of Western Health. It explains what is and is not considered restraint, and details the steps involved in mechanical restraint use, from a legal and organisational perspective.

This staff QRG has been developed to be ED-specific, where the most common restrictive intervention used are Type 1 mechanical restraints. Please refer to this new resource for advice on alternative strategies to minimise restraint use and an explanation of staff roles and responsibilities.

This QRG also includes detailed process flowcharts to help you navigate the legal and organisational requirements of administering Type 1 Mechanical Restraints, including all documentation.

Special note: Be on the lookout for printed QRG copies arriving soon at ED Lunch Rooms for your easy reference!

  • This week’s topic ties closely with Module 5 – Principles of Restrictive Interventions from the Foundations of Emergency Department Mental Health Care Training Package. Estimated completion time: 20-30 minutes.

Separate versions of this module have been developed based on staff roles and responsibilities – please select the course that applies to you between Nursing and Medical.

Tip: Search “Foundations” in the WeLearn courses catalogue.

Login to WeLearn here.

As usual, you’ll find these links collected on the The Mental Health and AOD Education and Support page on unitED for your future reference.

Thursday Webinar

This week’s webinar on the Use of Mechanical Restraints is open to all ED staff and volunteers. As before, a Q&A segment will follow the presentation. This webinar will be recorded.

Please see the details below to join the webinar at 2:00pm this Thursday, February 10th:

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Meeting ID: 991 5723 7795

Passcode: 127924

– Be safe – be smart – be kind, the unitED Team –

– To review previous News bulletins, please see here. – 

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