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Patient Stories

March 21, 2021


Supporting patients and family by understanding

  • Our role as clinicians in creating an environment that portrays Western Health values
  • Understanding WH Patient First Model
  • Building a culture of listening
  • Reflecting on patient stories

What does this look like in Practice?

In ED, it is a busy environment but the importance of providing updates and educating our patients is vital and part of our care. It should not be taken lightly as this will provide our patients with necessary information for them to make important decisions about their health.

ED Clinicians should portray Western Health Values

  • Showing compassion, consistently acting with empathy and integrity.
  • Being accountable, taking responsibility for your patients and your clinical actions in regard to care.
  • Being respectful of patients’ rights, choices and individual beliefs despite the conflict to your own personal beliefs.
  • Portraying excellence, inspiring your colleagues and motivate the ED team for continuing innovation and improved clinical skills.
  • Ensure safety, despite a busy ED and prioritise safety at all times.

Western Health’s Patient First Model

In consultation with Safer Care Victoria, Western Health has adopted focus areas and adapted the following consumer goals to align with our Best Care Framework on Patient First:

  • Working together – I am included as a respected partner in reviewing and improving healthcare
  • Shared Decision Making – I am supported to make informed decisions about my healthcare
  • Personalised & Holistic – I receive personalised care that is informed by the experiences of others and supports me as a whole person
  • Equity & Inclusion – I receive care that is considerate of patient diversity and promotes inclusion
  • Effective Communication – receive high-quality information that I can readily understand and act upon

Building a culture of listening

This toolkit can be located on the intranet that provides information for clinicians on how to effectively listen and support our patients by identifying patient goals, identifying relevant care, develop, implement action plan and evaluate and provide feedback to patients.

Reflecting on patient experiences

  • The goal of reflecting on patient experiences allows the ED team to develop strategies in relation to the ED environment, our overall clinical team effort, providing services in a timely manner, and consistently addressing patient concerns/rights with respect and dignity.
  • Hence measuring our performance in consumer satisfaction in necessary in ED.