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Closing the Gap

March 14, 2021

Cultural Awareness Training – How are we doing?

The number ONE thing Emergency Department staff can go to support the Closing the Gap activity is to complete the Cultural Awareness Training in WeLearn.

WeLearn has three modules that we are encouraging staff to complete this week?

  1. Module 1 – Impact of colonisation has had to their culture, wellbeing and health
  2. Module 2 – Journey an Aboriginal person may experience within the Victorian health system this includes barriers that prevent them from using health services
  3. Module 3 – Supporting our Aboriginal Workforce

Overall – only 260 staff at Western Health have completed the training.

To access the training staff should log into there WeLearn and click on the find a course section the Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training is at teh top of the list of available courses.

Like or Dislike:

As the Emergency Departments at Western Health are some of the busiest environments we would really like t see a big increase in the number of Emergency Department staff who have completed the training.

We are also asking staff to consider pledging to Close the Gap at: by using this link