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FHED – Transit Cubicle Nurse – Roles & Responsibilities

June 15, 2022


The Transit Cubicle Nurse is responsible for providing nursing care to patients awaiting an inpatient bed within the three designated transit cubicles (Blue Side). The Transit Nurse will work closely with the Nurse in Charge, to stream patients from the acute cubicles to the ward via the Transit Cubicles.

The streaming of patients through the Transit Cubicles will improve flow through the Emergency Department creating capacity to assess newly arriving patients.


The FED NUM, FED Director are responsible for ensuring that all staff within the Department are aware of the responsibilities of the Transit Cubicle Nurse.

Role Details

Initially, the Transit Cubicles will operate from 0700 – 2130 seven days a week.

  1. Receive handover from the previous shift Transit Cubicle Nurse or Cubicle Nurse
  2. Check and restock equipment needed for Transit Cubicles
  3. Identify patients appropriate for Transit Cubicles as per inclusion/exclusion criteria
  4. Receive clinical handover for all patients arriving to Transit Cubicle
  5. Complete a set of vital signs on arrival of the patient to the Transit Cubicle and perform two hourly vital signs thereafter (or as otherwise required)
  6. Ensure relevant documentation is completed in preparation for an admission to the ward including, COVID/Infectious Diseases Risk Screening Tools, RAT/COVID swab, interim admission orders (4 hour plan) or admission notes
  7. Escalate concerns or signs/symptoms of clinical deterioration to the NIC and Senior Doctor as per the Recognition and Management of the Deteriorating Patient in the Emergency Department
  8. Provide compassionate and effective communication to patients and carers to ensure a positive patient experience
  9. Provide appropriate clinical handover to the ward (escort patient where required)
  10. Document all care on the Emergency Department Adult Flow Chart (AD51.2a)


Supporting Documentation

Recognition and Management of the Deteriorating Patient in the Emergency Department

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