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Fast Track & Ambulance Victoria Offload Support

February 18, 2022

SHED – Updates

Fast Track is Back!

We are very excited to be opening the new Adult Fast Track (FT) area on Monday the 21st on Level 1 of SHED.  The Adult Fast Track model has been designed to improve the patient experience for low acuity patients, while improving access and flow through the Department.

The FT area is best suited for ambulant, stable patients over the age of 18 who have presented with minor or simple issues or illnesses to a single system. The FT patients are likely to require only brief intervention and can be discharged home within 4 hours.

The staffing in FT will consist of a multidisciplinary team including:

  • Medical Officers
  • Registered Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Primary and Secondary Physiotherapy Practitioners
  • Radiology
  • ACE (Acute Coordination)
  • Support services such as Ward Clerks and PSA’s

The hours of operation for FT are 0800-2330, 7 days a week.  Outside of these hours’ patients will be streamed to SSU or ED.

The nursing ratio for this area is 1:3, to begin with we will open six cubicles and flex to nine during double staffing.

Fast Track has something for everyone in this new space with a Treatment room, Plaster Room, and two digital imaging suites (X-Ray and Ultrasound) as well as the 15 points of care.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all into this new area.

For more information please click on the link: The Adult Fast Track Clinical Practice Guideline

AV APOT Offload Model of Care

This coming Tuesday the 22nd February we will commence a new Model of Care (MOC) for Ambulance off-loading as a strategy to improve the impact of long Ambulance offload delays on patient care.  The Ambulance Patient Offload Team (APOT) MOC will utilise two Surge staff (primarily paramedic students) to support and monitor up to three suitable patients each under the clinical support of an APOT.

On arrival to the department the ‘Fit to Sit’ guidance should be applied firstly to identify suitable patients for allocating to the waiting room prior to handing over to the APOT MOC.

Patients who have been triaged as suitable for the APOT MOC will remain under the clinical responsibility of AV whilst they are waiting for admission to Sunshine Emergency Medicine.

If escalation of a deteriorating patient is required, the APOT will communicate with the AV Triage Nurse and for all medical emergencies, the emergency button is to be utilised.

The APOT MOC will be located in the ‘Old EOU’ and will operate 24/7 (contingent upon staffing).  The paper-based AV Patient Care Record (wPCR) will be utilised to document patient monitoring and support by the surge staff.

The AV – WH APOT Model of Care is included below

17.02.2022 AV Surge APOT Model of Care – Sunshine Hospital v5.2

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